Sunday, April 8, 2012

When Opportunity Knocks Always Say "Yes"

I was quoted last year in Success Magazine for having said that very phrase. Opportunities present themselves all of the time to us. We have to decide yes or no. I have noticed most people (based on fear) will say no. The average person is risk-adverse and won't dive in the deep end of the pool. I spent the first 20 years of my career being risk-adverse and saying no about 90 percent of the time. In 2006, my "adverse" nature changed almost overnight. I am one of these people who stews on visions for a long time. What happens is an idea takes root, and I visually start to see it happening in my mind's eye. While on the surface some of my decisions seem sudden, I can assure you nothing ever happens on impulse here. I have been considering it for a good long time, and then what happens is the opportunity to seize the day knocks! In the past, I wouldn't have "answered the door." Now that I have learned to live fearlessly when the chance to go forward with an idea that formed as a seedling in my head comes up, I go for it. I've recently had two such opportunities come my way both personally and professionally. Again, on the outside the act of walking through that door seemed out of nowhere, but I can assure you nothing I do is ever sudden. So, here is how this really works. Form a vision first. Consider the process it would take to make the vision real and then keep your eyes open for the opportunity. In the end, you will achieve your dreams and find success, because if you're following your passion you cannot lose. I forgot to add that passion is the essential ingredient in all successful endeavors. I have a book all about this for those of you who would like more specific guidance. It's called Second Bloom and available on the 3L Publishing website. Happy Easter!

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  1. I sometimes refer to this as the "Ready, fire, aim" syndrome, but like you, the aim has been in-visioned for a long time. Love that passion! Great post.