Tuesday, April 3, 2012

True Blood, Season 5 First Look Trailer! Yaye!

Ah, HBO is whetting our appetites for more True Blood, and yesterday they released a new trailer with ... egad the actors in it (click here). Yes, of course, I watched it. And I've read the books, too. So I could sort of tell between the spoilers and books what might be going on this fine season. If you hate spoilers, stop here. All right so we have some digging going on! Let's bet on one of two things. Tara is getting turned OR they are burying Debbie Pelt's body OR both. Remember in the books, they bury Debbie's body on Sookie's property. I would imagine we might have a little of that going on. I do thinking turning Tara is the most obvious choice, so I'm sure the writers are more imaginative than to take the most in-your-face road with that storyline ... or I could be wrong. Sometimes the obvious choice is great when you have plenty of exciting storyline to explore from it. Watching the ultra-angry Tara act on her "nature" might be extremely interesting. She's not exactly the most docile character on the show. The other obvious storyline that has been reported about is the issue with The Authority and Bill and Eric. I've already figured out our vampire boys will be on the run and supposedly "bonding". How bonded can two vastly different romantic rivals really get anyway? As for Sookie, the centerpiece of the show, I sort of see her a little lost in the mix here. The show is supposed to be all about her, but this season might shift a bit here at least so it seems from that trailer. It was pretty much an equal shift among potential stories. I do have to say this to the writers: don't lose your focus. It's supposed to be about Sookie! Just saying!!

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