Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Value of Social Media

Social media has exploded over the last 10 years. When I'm out speaking to groups or individuals, and I hear they are not using social media to its fullest or not at all,  I am always surprised. First, it's FREE. Why you would not use a valuable marketing tool that costs you nothing but time is a shocker. The benefits are numerous and if you focus on building up your connections and/or "followers," you will have direct outreach to potentially thousands of readers or viewers.

Here is why I think social media is important:

  • You reach your connections directly through the news feeds (on Facebook) and Tweets on Twitter.
  • You can customize or tailor your message.
  • You can create "buzz" around your company, product or service.
  • You also can reach into your "friends'" social media connections.
  • It is FREE and only costs you time. 
I hear common complaints that social media is a "time-suck vortex," meaning people end up spending too much time on it. If you find you can easily get sucked into the social media "chatter box" then discipline yourself. I try and go on tops three times a day: morning, noon and night. I prefer to stay off it in the middle of day as much as possible. I like morning the best. 

I started with 200 of my own connections on Facebook, and the 3,200 connections I have now came to me. I get asked how I attracted so many connections. I combined my public relations for my company 3L Publishing and my marketing efforts. The overall increased visibility and exposure from 3L books and publicity generated interest in connecting with me, and then it snowballed. And while some might not like the "idea" of this ... I also make sure I have an attractive and fun profile picture. I will be frank: I don't care if the opposite sex connects with me because I'm attractive. I care that maybe that instigated interest that led to an examination of my profile and then a potential business interest. My good friend and colleague Sonja Fisher understands this concept: use your "assets" to your advantage. My only caveat on this advice: don't exploit your "assets" ... that is a turn-off to business people

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

The Vengeance is Now Road Show

I am constantly telling writers one key phrase: Nothing sells a book better than the author. So when author Scott D. Roberts, whose forthcoming book Vengeance is Now, suggested we do a sea-level dog and pony show to promote his book, I considered it for all of five minutes and said yes. Why did I say yes? Because of the following points (an authors take note):

  • Before we arrive at each new destination, we will be able to promote the book to the regional media that will be far more inclined to cover a book written by an author who is in town. This direct outreach will give the book more exposure in local media that would have otherwise ignored the author and book, because it lacked a local angle. 
  • We will be able to stop at regional writer's groups to give talks; we will be able to stop at book clubs and promote the book to their members; we will be able to stop at local book stores to promote and leave samples to prompt purchase from our national distributor Baker and Taylor.
  • We will put a banner advertisement on the side of the RV to give the book national exposure across the U.S. to increase visibility and interest in the book and brand.
  • I will be able to give the same exposure and increased visibility to my 3L Publishing brand name.
  • I will be able to meet more authors to do business with in the future.
  • We will not have to pay the high cost of shipping books to conventions, which can get extremely expensive.
  • 3L Publishing will not have to pay for multiple hotel rooms, air fare, and extra food costs for eating out on the road.
And let me reiterate: Nothing sells the book better than the author! Period. No ifs, ands or "but Ma, I don't want to travel across the U.S."

Are you looking for creative, interesting and valuable ways to promote and sell your book? 3L Publishing provides public relations and marketing services. Please give us a call at 916-300-8012 or send an email to  

Friday, February 22, 2013

Essential Oils and Cheryl Mullick

I was inspired this morning by a Facebook friend to write about essential oils. I do essential oil treatments known as Raindrop Therapy twice monthly at Tre Bella Spa in Auburn and work with Cheryl Mullick. What I want people to know is not only do I no longer get colds or flus, but also I have rheumatoid arthritis and I no longer take any kind of anti-inflammatory drugs or traditional RA treatments such as Enbrel or methatrexate. The Young Living essential oils (100% purified plant extract) contain properties that when put on the neck, spine and feet seep into your system and not only reduce inflammation, but also boost your immune system. I have asthma, too, so every time I would get any kind of cough, I would spend weeks hacking and unable to breathe well. I would cough so bad at times that I would actually throw up. It was awful. To make matters worse, I got sick like this at least five times a year.

I began doing Rain Drop Therapy about four years ago -- and we had no idea what would be the benefits. Within weeks, I found myself no longer in need of Advil to reduce pain. One day, I just noticed I quit feeling the need to take it. The boosted immune response, though, was the true shocker. The first year cold- and flu-free, I thought it was a coincidence. The second year, though, I realized it was directly related. The true test of the oils, though, came this summer. After a traumatic divorce, I lost 20 pounds and became emaciated plagued by continual stress and upheaval. I thought for sure I would get sick. No! Not one cold. I got the sniffles for one night, and took one of the preventative oils called Thieves, and voile! Nothing.

Do you get sick all of the time? Do you want to have near-perfect health? Set up an appointment to go see Cheryl Mullick by calling 916-716-6258.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Waxing Nostalgic on a Thursday Morning

I don't know why but lately I have been charmed by memories of my childhood. If you're Gen X then you probably share some of my fantastic memories of my days gone by. Plus, I am taking tomorrow off, so this is really my "Freaky" Friday :) blogging session. So, let's walk down memory lane, shall we?

Ladies, remember these pants? We ALL had to have the saddle-back stitched butt LOL. Oh no! You absolutely could NOT have the knock-offs. It had to be real Dittos and the saddle-back butt was the no. #1 version every girl and her friend Friday had to have in her wardrobe. And we had every color under the rainbow, and for pants, these suckers were expensive. So, in my house where we grew up with a modest income, it was a begging session to get Mom to buy a pair. All the girls compared colors, and we all just wore them to death. 

Jolly Rancher Candies
How many of you out there remember those "sticks" that came in such delightful flavors such as watermelon, grape, sour apple and strawberry? In Town and Country Village, the 5 and Dime Store had a candy rack in the front, and they sold typically grape and apple. Watermelon was a little harder to find and when it would pop up, I was beyond delighted to get my hands on that flavor. We also found them in the little store along Highway 108 toward Sonora in the blimp of a radar town, Strawberry. I remember pealing slowly down the plastic wrapper and licking and licking away until the hard candy thinned to a mere sheath and then, "crunch!" And peel and onto the next lick toward the bottom. I would make mine last for days ;). Well! I went online and they apparently still sell these sticks ... my boyfriend Kirk Donnelly will flip when I buy the box LOL ... just for fun, of course.

P.S. what any of this has to do with publishing, I couldn't tell you LOL. It's called pure entertainment friends. Every once in a while, I have to at least entertain myself.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Facebook Country

And in a big country, dreams stay with you,
Like a lover's voice, fires the mountainside..
Stay alive.. ~ Big Country

That is my weird, little non-sequent as I was about to write the blog. I thought about Big Country and those lyrics from the oh-so-fun synthetic, big haired ´80s. Another quirky ´80s remembrance is Danse Parc ... anyone remember that one from West Sacramento? They used to play these eclectic artists such as Stephen "Tin Tin" Duffy and my all-time favorite: Kiss Me.

Kiss me with your mouth.
Your love is better than wine.
But wine is all I have.
Will your love ever be mine?

I just love the thought, "Your love is better than wine." Wine always strikes me as decadent, and I think of the deep purple of a rich Cabernet. So, I'm completely on a "wild" ride that ultimately is meant to lead you toward some thoughts on social media and not waxing nostalgic about the bygone ´80s where I had as many big sweaters as I did big hairdos.

So, I'm going to discuss social media etiquette aka how to make and keep Facebook friends. First, Facebook for many, many business people is a rich grass-roots environment to reach into the hearts and minds of target markets and individuals within those target markets. I have two fast and furious rules about what I will and will not post on social media. I try to stick to the following:
  • Professional projects under way and progress reports
  • Random, funny and quirky thoughts that are hopefully inspirational to others
  • Comments about general things in life that can actually help people learn about my profession or about my personal journey and what I've picked up along the way a la self-help
  • And sweet and thoughtful remarks about those I love
Now why do I mix personal and professional? I try to give prospective business people a window into my life and my attitudes. I only work with people I like, and in turn, people only work with me if they like me. If you read my social media posts and somehow find me offensive (and believe me, how inspirational thoughts can offend, I have no idea, but I suppose anything can offend) then don't work with me. You can't know me personally and see any like-ability if I keep my personal world too private; BUT I don't go too deep either. Generalizations will suffice and make my points just fine.

Information I wish to see others keep private (especially if they are professionals, because I will lose respect for them):
  • Information about break-ups or busted engagements, way TMI; and I think it's best if your relationship is going through turmoil not to post the details on Facebook. You will look especially unprofessional if you get all emotional, too. 
  • Partying down and drinking -- yes, many people are social drinkers, but it's not good for your professional image if you post, "Yee-haw! Got me some booze and a broad!" You know what I mean ... not good.
  • Sexual preferences and general discussions about sexuality. Yes, I like to make sideways jokes here and there; but my personal policy is to never take it too far to the left of center ... you know what I mean? Again, most of us have sex, but there should be some privacy in your life -- and especially if you're on Facebook for professional reasons.
  • General hatred and negative attacks. You want to get "un-friended" make a direct attack on me or my connections for absolutely no good reason. No one wants to be friends with "haters" ... just saying.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

What's the Difference Between a Self-Publisher and Hybrid Publisher?

My company 3L Publishing is often confused with vanity press aka as self-publishing. I thought I would take a moment to clarify the difference for those authors who seek help to get published. First, let's start with defining what is a "hybrid" publisher.

Hybrid Publisher -- a new term that was coined to define the difference between a traditional publisher, self-publisher and hybrid publisher. A hybrid publisher combines the best of traditional publishing with self-publishing. The main difference between a hybrid and traditional publisher is that the author pays to have his or her manuscript published in exchange for extremely high royalty rates that range from 35 to 75 percent (traditional publishers typically pay 10-12 percent). A hybrid publisher vets each manuscript and decides based upon quality of writing and the marketplace demands who to publish. A hybrid publisher offers all of the same benefits as a traditional publisher, including distribution and fulfillment of orders into bookstores, Amazon and other online providers and eBook conversion and publishing for Kindle, Nook and iBook.

Why chose a Hybrid Publisher over a Self-Publish Model?
As an author, please know it's a full-blown BUSINESS.

  • Are you prepared to hire a graphic designer and editor? 
  • Do you understand production? 
  • Are you prepared to vet your printer to ensure your end result is a quality book? 
  • Do you understand distribution? 
  • Can you even get your single book distributed through outlets like Baker and Taylor (the answer is typically "no")? 
  • Do you have time to fulfill orders? 
  • Do you know how to market and promote your book? 
  • Do you know who to hire to promote your book? 
  • Do you know what you need collateral-wise to promote your book? 
  • Do you even know what is collateral material for the press? And I could continue ... 
If you intend to publish a successful book, you need to know the answers to those questions. If you don't know the answers to those questions, then you hire a Hybrid Publisher to do it for you. Publishing, book promotion and sales is an entire business venture. Do you have a day job? Most likely you do. Do you have time, knowledge and resources to run a whole other business on the side? I would wager not likely. 

Hire a company like 3L Publishing (, and you don't have to know any of those answers or be able to provide any of those services -- we do it all for YOU. For more information, send an email to or call 916-300-8012. 

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Blog is Not a Newsletter and a Newsletter is Not a Blog

I am amazed at how many people confuse my weekly newsletter First Word with my First Word blog. So, I thought I should give you a clear-cut definition of the two marketing pieces. First, though, I should tell you that THIS is my blog. This Web page is my blog. My newsletter you can sign up for by going to and signing up by clicking on the newsletter button on the homepage. So what is the difference between the two?

Blog -- a blog is a Web-based kind of "diary" if you will where you talk about things related to your business or life. It is always best to choose a topic or theme so your readers come to understand and know what to expect when they read it. I try to take a humorous or irreverent approach to both my blog and newsletter, and I discuss subjects, from publishing to writing, and from public relations to marketing, and from personal to self-help subjects. Once every now and then, you will find something completely random and unrelated just to keep readers on their toes.

Newsletter -- a weekly paper or electronic piece of writing that includes (in my case), news and announcements followed by a feature piece on a subject of interest related to my business. It comes out weekly and is emailed directly to subscribers. I could put it online, but I like to keep my mailing list private and use it as a special outreach to those who I have met and asked their permission to include them on the mailing list.

So, if you would like to receive my newsletter, go to and sign up. And I hope I have cleared up the confusion.

Friday, February 15, 2013

Cupcake Friday

It's cupcake Friday LOL ... I've decided to redefine Friday from "thank God it's Friday" to "Cupcake Friday" ... yes, more random thoughts for yours truly. Sometimes I have to get somewhat random to keep the content flowing. If you must know the truth, I loved the "look" of the pink cupcake. The frosting was light and tasted like whipped cream.

Speaking of "whipped cream" you ought to check out the scene in the forthcoming 3L Publishing book Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts where our "man-whore" and private detective brings out the bottle on his girlfriend Nicole and does some fun stuff with it (and that's the whole "teaser" for now ;) ... well, here is my thought about whipped cream in the bedroom: Yes, I'm adventurous and know how to have plenty of fun; but I'm a little bit of a neatness freak and, well, whipped cream sounds fun and tantalizing, but in reality I bet it's sticky and messy LOL. So, you know, pass! OK, so on to more serious subjects. I thought this morning (and since it's Friday), I would simply amuse you with my sometimes useful but mostly useless thoughts. So, today we will try and be useful.

Here are the top grammar mistakes I see perpetrated by even seasoned professionals. Now class, take out your notebooks and let's begin.

No. #1 and my all-time favorite Toward vs. Towards -- oh me oh my oh, one of my authors tried to argue this with ... it's TOWARD. So, in jest I'll ask you this question: are we in the U.S.? Yes. OK good we've established our native soil. All right then since we're in the U.S., it's TOWARD, period. (I should write a poem called "Ode to Period" just for author Scott D. Roberts who likes to punctuate his texts with the single word -- period.) If we were in the U.K., I would give you a pass and you get to say TOWARDS much like you could theater vs. theatre or dialog vs. dialogue and so on. This rule applies to a few other "ards" words LOL ... so my advice is always "when in doubt, look it up."

No. #2 Commas -- Oh no, let's not go ... I'm in such a jovial mood today. All right all you comma freaks and lovers who just LOVE to insist and tell me I don't know commas! LOL Comma usage in my opinion boils down to which style guide you adhere to. It could be AP Style, Chicago Style, MLA or Struck and White and yada, yada, yada. But please don't delude yourself and spew all my wrong comma use without first asking me which style guide I use. For the record, I love AP Style so there is your answer. All you journalism majors out there are applauding ... English majors are groaning, "No madame it's Struck and White." What do I say, "My comma is my comma ... your comma isn't my comma." And there we go around the merry-O.

No. #3 to em dash or semi-colon is the question ... technically speaking em dashes and semi-colons work much the same way. The semicolon is a mark of punctuation (;) used to connect independent clauses and suggest a closer relationship between the clauses than a period does. I like to think the second independent clause "defines" the first independent clause, which is why a semi-colon should be used ... but guess what else? An em dash does the same thing. Love it. So just to ensure you're abundantly confused, just switch it up, because there are simply times when the em dash works better.

And now friends this is why math is so precise with all the same answers, and English not so precise and confusing. I like to say English is just 50 Shades of Grey LOL ... Happy Cupcake Friday.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

In Honor of All Great Lovers

It's Valentine's Day ... love day! In honor of all great lovers, I thought I would pick my favorite lovers in literature and/or film and television to tell you why they are fabulous -- or more like they have that all-elusive "chemistry," which my boyfriend and I have actually tried to put definition on. We finally concluded "chemistry" is simply something magical and undefinable that exists between two people and not just between the sheets. So, let's begin with my all-time favorite vampire and the fairy.

Eric and Sookie (True Blood and the Sookie Stackhouse Series)
The two blonds -- you can't beat that they look great together. Eric as portrayed by the Swedish sexiest man alive Alexander Skarsgard is tall, blue-eyed, sex-on-a-stick and just delicious to gaze upon. Sookie is pretty and feisty (although this season Anna Panquin's pregnancy seemed to dampen her down a bit). In Season 4 we got to watch our lovers go for it all full blast complete with a V trip in "Narnia" land where they did some big loving in the Scandinavian forest. They have a push-pull chemistry, and throw in a little blood-letting here and there, and you have the mix of great love and passion. The couple is just as intense in the book series, too. I believe it's the fifth book where Eric loses his memory, and Sookie takes a sexy ride on his "disco stick" ... yeah baby!

Tate Holloway and Nicole (the forthcoming 3L book Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts)
You haven't been introduced to these two yet, but I have had the "pleasure" of reading what I now call the "infamous chapter 8". The blond surfer couple go at it in this chapter, and let's just say all that editing time leads to the question, "Where is my boyfriend?" Roberts, who pleaded his case that he could write "tasteful" erotica, won me over with one of the most memorable trysts in literature where let's just say a can of whipped cream is involved. The repartee between these two is funny, but it's the erotic sex scene that seals the whole deal. The book releases from 3L Publishing in May. You like erotica, turn straight away to chapter 8.

Brea and Kale, California Girl Chronicles
All right, my blog is designed to market my business, so since it's Valentine's Day, I'll promote my own book series, California Girl Chronicles. Book 2, which is set to release this summer, continues the romance set up in the first book, which is available in select bookstores, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target and others. The brutally flawed Brea's handsome producer gets screwed over by his beloved screenwriter, but no worries. The wayward Brea and Kale rebuild their relationship in book two, but to what end? You will have to find out.

Happy Heart Day Everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Three Tips to Keep Your Business Successful

Sitting here thinking, "What am I going to blog about this morning?" Hmm ... not sure what to talk about. I try to keep my morning routine and blog each day about the same time of day. I get asked all of the time how I can be such a workhorse? The key, in my opinion, is routine. I have set amounts of time in which I have specific activities. I typically blog and handle social media in the mornings when I feel fresh and ready to dump my thoughts onto the page. (You see the strategy to get moving is to just start typing and see where your fingers go all on their own.) I have friends who are self-professed "fly-by-the-seat-of-their-pants" workers. They live in the moment. And, in part, there is something to be said about "flying high," but in order to get a lot done in an orderly fashion, you've "got to pin those pants to a clothes line" LOL. I think spontaneity in my personal life is fun and a little insane at times; but when it comes to running a business, it requires discipline and hard work -- and a routine if you want to get stuff done on a regular basis. When I have a huge amount of work going on, I keep my routine in place. I also set specific goals and I don't quit work until those goals are achieved.

So, here are my top tips to keep your business flowing:

Tip 1 -- Keep the routine: assign yourself tasks to do every day at the same time. Once you have a routine in place it becomes like riding a bike -- you don't think about it anymore you just do it.

Tip 2 -- Set Daily Goals: I keep a calendar on my desk with my daily list of goals. I use that calendar and keep writing down goals throughout the week for certain days. When the goals are accomplished I check them off. If I don't finish a goal, I move it to the next day. If I achieve all my goals for the day, I give myself a break and do something fun. You have to treat yourself, too.

Tip 3 -- Discipline: For some people discipline is a tough one. Distractions rule their lives. I always suggest you have a set work time and space away from distractions. Don't keep a lot of clutter on your desk. Don't have a TV in the room where you work. Know what distracts you and keeps you from working and move it out of sight so it doesn't call you like a siren to the "I-can't-get-it-done" rocks.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Stay Positive for Success

I had such a busy day, I didn't get to blog. I want to talk about the importance of having a positive attitude to succeed. I had a really tough 2013 and my personal life eclipsed business. I fortunately have a terrific and supportive team I could lean on to get me through. I have been very blessed to have met my boyfriend Kirk Donnelly who is warm, supportive, gentle, kind and super positive. He constantly reminds me to stay positive and I will attract positive things. I knew the months of December and January would be tough sales months. Unlike in 2012 when I was prepared and had a financial buffer, this year and the fallout from my personal problems left me scurrying to stay afloat. But amidst my financial pressures to keep 3L Publishing alive and kicking, Kirk repeatedly reminded me to keep my nose toward the positive grindstone and not get caught up in the "fear factor". The book The Secret teaches us that when the bills pile, ignore them and keep your attention on making money. I have found that be true. I put all of my attention on attracting and making money. This mindset is one of abundance and not lack. Don't look at what you think you lack. Keep your mind on what you have versus don't have. I have a warm, loving boyfriend and numerous close friends who are my family to support and take care of me. And how many women do you know that get divorced and end up alone for years afterwards? Not me. I was blessed and fortunate to meet an absolutely amazing, wonderful, generous and kind man right away. Kirk is the man of my dreams. So, here is the deal: stay positive! Positive begets positive.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Your Image as Your Brand

This morning I got an email from a Linked-In contact who is a photographer. He noticed my profile and congratulated me on having one of the more interesting profile pictures. If you think my profile pictures are fun and playful for absolutely not reason other than to post nice pictures, you would be wrong. My image is my brand. I am very strategic in how I have built my image to be fun and playful and certainly not boring. Notice in my blog picture above I am wearing red, which matches my company colors -- red, black and white. You realize that act was not random. I wanted the image to go well with the banner and the colors. I take factors like color into consideration when I build brand images not only for my company, but also for my clients. We take a holistic view on our author's products, and brand plays an important role. We've been working on the brand and image for the forthcoming 3L Publishing book Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts. It is not by accident that Roberts' bio image is edgy and interesting. I told him in regards to the photo that his pre-existing "teddy bear" shot from his social media would not work. We needed something that had a mysterious edge to it. He followed that lead and developed the photo series working with his photographer Brad Treadwell from Turlock. Treadwell did a very nice job on the picture. The same amount of care and consideration went into the development of the book cover, too. 3L Publishing's graphic artist Erin Pace-Molina took three different concepts and blended them into the resulting book cover, which incidentally is one of my all-time favorite book covers in the 3L Publishing catalog.

If you're an author and you want the most professional book and marketing products to support your book, look no further. 3L Publishing offers premiere publishing, marketing and public relations service. For more information, contact us at 916-300-8012 or send an email to You can also visit the website at

Friday, February 8, 2013

It's Friday ... I'm Not Serious

I wasn't inspired yesterday so I didn't blog. OMG! How is that possible? Well, I had some other things on my mind and two major projects to edit. So, you know ... life! Today, though, is blog day Friday. I am going to make a social commentary this morning versus actually teach my spectator friends anything relevant or important ... or heck! Maybe what I'm going to laugh about might actually be a learning point ... who knows.

Here we go ... today's self-described "learning point" has to do with social media and the obvious. The obvious being that my profile shows that I'm in a "relationship" and the less obvious being men who overlook my relationship status and essentially go for it anyway. If you're a guy who doesn't wish to be shot down, perhaps you ought to observe not only the relationship status, BUT also the fact that I gush publicly about my boyfriend, too. Yes, if you really look beyond the superficial (my profile picture) and maybe truly check out what I post on my Wall, you might observe that one of my "friends" is my boyfriend. You might also observe that I publicly declare my love all of the time.

So readers what is the "learning point" in my little rant? The learning point is aimed at all the singles on the hunt for that perfect mate. Look for the "status" ... most single people have no problem advertising that they are single, because they want to meet someone. If the status says the person is taken ... you should take that as a ticker tape for (what else) -- taken! My next piece of advice for the guys, read her WALL posts. I'm not advising you to read the Wall just for fun, but if you're going to try and meet your mate on Facebook then go the extra mile. Find out about her. Look beyond the obvious picture and read her posts. Get to know her through comments and interaction first. And please oh please don't message her "hi" -- that doesn't make a good conversation starter EVER. LOL Now happy weekend!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Work-Life Balance for Telecommuters

When you work from your domicile, it's awesome. No commute. No lost time on the road. Not need to to dress up except for meetings. The downside, your work is right there 24 x 7. I always find it super challenging to pull away from my computer when it's so "near and dear" LOL. And just like anything else, work-life balance whether you work at home is super important. Balancing out your professional life with your personal time takes skills, especially if you're the CEO of 3L Publishing where many authors demand after-hour attention. But like anything else, you can make life the perfect balance between the two areas. Here are my tips.

Boundaries -- you have to establish work hours. I know it defies logic when you can flex your time. If you don't instate boundaries, and more specifically work hours, you will be at your desk round the clock. So designate your work hours. You can, of course, flex them, too; but like any good business, use specific work times and then when the clock strikes the hour unless there is a critical deadline, call it quits.

Client Boundaries, too -- clients have to respect your personal time, too. We teach others how to treat us. Taking late-night calls or working weekends only shows your clients you have no boundaries. An invisible boundary or one that is continually moved around is NOT a boundary. Make sure you honor your own boundaries and keep them. By doing that small act, you will teach your clients to respect your personal time.

Discipline -- I try not to do house chores during my work hours. Instead, I won't take lunch and then I'll put in a load of laundry or load the dishwasher. I also like to shower at the noon hour. Be at your desk every day by a certain time. Don't forget to take breaks, too. Discipline and the ability to sit down and do the work is half the battle of discipline.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

We Heart Authors -- Valentine's Publishing Special

*Valentine's Publishing Special*

We love authors! To show our love, 3L Publishing is running a *Valentine's
We Heart Authors Publishing Special*!! Sign up to use our publishing

services in the month of February and we will include 5 FREE Hours of
Editing* (A $475 Value) on your project.

We're showing you the LOVE. If you have an editing project, please contact us to take advantage of this special offer.


*Must purchase at least 15 hours of editing services to receive the 5 FREE hours. For more information, send an email to or call 916-300-8012. 

Monday, February 4, 2013

Movie Review -- Movie 43

I haven't done a movie review in a while, but I went to see Movie 43 yesterday, and I was inspired to write one. I am not kidding. I laughed so hard during this movie that twice my stomach hurt from the pain. This absolutely bawdy, profane and hilarious film offers a series of absolutely side-splitting vignettes that will just leave you cracking up. I will cover my absolutely favorites. The first has the incredibly funny request from girlfriend (Anna Faris) who asks her shell-shocked boyfriend if he will do the most unspeakable act on her. "Will you poo on me?" Mind you ... not shit, but 'poo' on her. Of course, the minute our beleaguered boyfriend says the phrase "shit on," well, that sends Faris' character off running. Follow this little sideshow with the iBabe that ultimately comes up with the tagline: Don't fuck it. And finally, we have the cartoon kitty Beizil who is a male kitty with a penchant for his male owner (a GAY male kitty) who is insanely jealous and possessive over his owner (Josh Duhamel). The insane little kitty proceeds to do some wicked and vile things to his girlfriend (Elizabeth Banks) who eventually loses it, and I'll spare you the details. This movie is a side-splitter for sure, but if profanity and nudity bother you, I would not recommend it. It's loaded with bad, bad language and naughty references. I didn't mind, but some people might mind. For the rest of you, it's a must-see movie guaranteed to make you laugh until you can't breathe.

Friday, February 1, 2013

More Funny Quotes from Vengeance is Now

One of the things I adore about the forthcoming 3L Publishing book Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts is the humor. Scott and I are very good friends, and he makes me laugh all of the time. He has a brilliant sense of humor and an incredible wit, and it shines through in the work. Here are some of what I consider to be the funny and priceless moments from the book that officially releases into the bookstores in May 2013. It will be available for advanced pre-sales on the 3L Publishing website at

“And that tofu shit you eat,” said Ramon, “looks like cum Jell-O, bro.”
“No one asked you to eat it,” answered Steve after taking a crisp bite from his apple. “And you’ll change your mind when you go for angioplasty before you’re 35.”
“Fuck that shit, bro,” joked Ramon. “I’m a machine.”

“Shut up, Tate,” she said. “You worked homicide for
Chris ‘sakes.” 
“Twenty-year-old women don’t say ‘Chris ‘sakes’,”
teased Tate. “You sound like a grandma.”

“Nothing like being hustled out of a private Michael Buble’ concert,” complained Sheila. “He didn’t know it yet but he was my next husband.”
“You’re too good for him,” joked Steve.

She looked down at her high-end Jimmy Choo platform
pumps as they sloshed through the water. “Don’t know what’s worse,” commented Sheila, “a compromised crime scene or ruining my $500 shoes.” 
“Not all of us have trust funds,” joked Steve. “Besides,
Ramon’s got you covered.” 
“Five hundred and shit?” yelped Ramon. “That’s more
than my entire wardrobe, bro.”

“I guess Karma’s a bitch, huh?” she said. “Then ya’
marry one.” 
“All my wives were not complete bitches,” stated Tate.
“I had a hand in driving them to Bitchville.”

Bonnie was tied to the bed wearing the Catwoman suit that made 13-year-old boys tingle when they saw Halle Barry wear it on the big screen. Although, Halle’s naked breasts didn’t hang out of her costume and her tights weren’t crotch-less.
“Come save me Batman,” purred Bonnie. “And clean me with your tongue.”
“Holy big tits,” said Tate from the script. “I’m going to need my special tool to free you.”