Sunday, June 23, 2013

First Word Blog -- Closed June 24-July 5th

Oh, you know sometimes a girl has to have time off. I'll be back in action On July 8th ready to regale you with new stories and information to succeed as an author and entrepreneur. Muah! Kisses and Aloha!

Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday Morning Inspiration

"Sometimes you have to walk into the unknown to find out the known. Risk is scary and frightening, but to settle for something "OK" in lieu of something really, really special but also scary is to live life with limitations and never fully spread your wings! I like the idea, 'A moment of something really special is way better than a lifetime of nothing remarkable.'"

I posted that on Facebook yesterday. I want to say something about risk (in this case personal risk). Most people avoid change and risk. I wrote my first book Second Bloom on personal reinvention. Risk is indeed scary. You don't know the outcome. You don't know if you're going to get hurt. Pain sucks! I think we can all agree on that fact. I got asked once, "Why do you run from the pain; what are you afraid of?" My response, "I won't be able to function if I felt it." And yet despite some real hardship here I am functioning -- more than functioning ... succeeding. 

I recently found myself in a situation that appeared hopeless to me. I had been wishing, hoping and dreaming that this situation would turn out in my favor. Finally, I just put it on the line after a life-changing event coalesced everything into one simple phrase: life is too short. I suddenly didn't care about the risk anymore or the fear for that matter. I believe in living life to the fullest. I've settled and made due way too many times. I'm at a point where I truly believe that a life not fully lived is a let-down. I don't want to regret anything. I didn't even try. So, I decided one last time to try my best to break through. Part of my putting it on the line required me to go with my gut. I had to follow my instincts of what I felt was true in my heart. 

Well, I took the leap of faith. Turns out my gut was right. I made the right decision to jump into the deep end of the pool and float. I am embarking on a new personal journey, and I am thrilled, excited but most importantly I am trusting to my feelings now. I'm going with it. I'm in the flow. And I feel happier than I've felt in such a long time. I can let go, trust, and move forward. All I want now in to stay in each moment, enjoy it, revel it, and let life take me on what I know will be the greatest ride of my life. 

I hope what I am sharing (even though it's not detailed) will help and inspire the rest of you. If you don't take the risk you can earn the big reward

Thursday, June 20, 2013

More PR and Marketing Tips for Book Promotion

My recent post on book promotion is one of the highest read posts on this blog right now. I figured readers must be hungry for that information. The great benefit of promoting all of our books is the side-bonus of promoting my company 3L Publishing as a "via". So, I thought I would share what's required in your author toolkit to market and promote to your target audience. Authors are required to build what is called a "platform" (a place and methodology to spread their messages). A platform enables authors to spread the word about their books, viewpoint and message, and more importantly create the critical following. A following is gold in this industry. It means multiple book sales not just of one book, but other books, too.

The following addresses what should be used to build a platform.

Media Kit -- industry standard media kits are required not only for the media, but also for the book sellers and associations where the author might speak. The industry expects to see certain items in your media kit. We know what those items are and create media kits for authors. In fact, our media kits have received high praise as some of the best in the industry.

Author Website -- a website is just a must in the digital era. But you want a dynamic website that can be easily updated with book reviews and media mentions. You also want a News section that contains (what else) your media kit and any other downloadable materials.

Blog -- a blog is a part of the author "platform." Do you know what is your platform? Your website and media kit and blog (your voice and viewpoint) comprise your platform (and any other channels you use to reach your audience with your message(s).

Social Media -- (Twitter, Facebook and Linked-In) provides another outreach mechanism to your target audience. Your social media network enables you to directly communicate with your audience and build a rapport. Social media should also connect to all of your other tools (e.g., blog).

Book Trailer -- a video trailer of your books now promotes the book to the modern audience used to visual messages. We are the TV and video generation so it makes sense to promote your book with a book trailer. Plus, it's fun to make a mini-movie of your book. The trailer can be placed on You Tube, your website/blog, and Amazon accepts some trailers. You can also promote it heavily through social media.

3L Publishing builds author platforms. Need these tools for your arsenal? Contact us at 916-300-8012 or send an email to For more information, visit

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

"But Ma! I don't need a proofreader -- I am a proofreader!"

My favorite rebuke of 3L Publishing's editorial services comes from professional journalists, English teachers or editors who swear in stone they don't need our editorial services. This declaration always leaves me smiling like the all-knowing publisher that I am. Let me entertain you now with true confessions: I (the publisher and professional editor) NEED a proofreader! Shock! Awe! No ... you? Yes, me. Let me take this a step further: I don't care if you're a Pulitzer Prize winner for literature, guess what? You still need a proofreader.

I have said this in the past to help laypeople understand how hard it is to proofread, so I will use the analogy again: Imagine taking a huge jar of 100,000 black jellybeans. Now take those black jellybeans and spill them on a white table. Now go look for the flawed beans. You will find you have to pick each one up, look at it, and put it back, and so on. Friends, THAT is how difficult it is to perfect a manuscript with 100,000 black words on a white page. And then there will this massively deformed jellybean you swear up and down you NEVER saw despite the fact that it's large, ugly, and shaped like a square. I call this "editorial blindness," which is akin to being snow blind.

Yes, I respect professionals who in all likelihood know their business. Reality and knowledge clash. Unless you have proofed as many books as I have over the years then you aren't going to be aware that even with the longest gaze through knowledgable, experienced eyes, you still miss mistakes. I have two clients who swore to me an editor looked at their books and they didn't need our services. If you were to go back to them after their process of editing their books through 3L, they will have to admit, "Yes, we found A LOT of mistakes." These ladies know their stuff, too. It's no knock on your knowledge by any means.

Here is the rule and it's simple: ALL MANUSCRIPTS NEED A FINAL PROOF.

And here is another absolute: 3L PUBLISHING WILL NOT PUT ITS LOGO ON ANY BOOK THAT WE DID NOT PROOF. It's not because we are eagerly trying to make an extra dollar -- not at all. It's because we strive for excellence. And a book loaded even with a small handful of mistakes doesn't reflect that excellence.

Are you ready to publish? Want your book to reflect that aforementioned excellence? For more information, call 916-300-8012 or send an email to

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Working at Home

My friend and I discuss our mutually earned lifestyle that involves a simple commute to the home office. We both love the freedom. Not everyone can work from home and be successful. I thought I would compile a list of reasons why you are or are not a candidate to work at home where too many freedoms can be too luring for some.

#1 -- The TV stays off ... or don't try this at home. The TV is an unfortunate lure for those who are not disciplined to keep their fingers off the remote power button. You cannot work from your home office if you can't keep the TV off. Now those of you muttering, "But I can work and watch TV ..." I am here to whack you on the head. No, George you can't. The very distraction of the TV will make you lose productivity. Have you ever tried NOT to stare at a TV in the room. The very movement on screen catches your eye, and pretty soon you're what? Watching it! So, no TV!

#2 -- No, it's not laundry time! Not to suggest that I've never stuffed a load or two into the washer, but generally speaking it's good to keep your domestic goddess or god in check. Work time is work time not Laundry Mat time. It's one thing to stuff a single load, but it's quite another to starting folding away. Household chores should be separated from work time. Hire a housekeeper. What is your time worth anyway? If you're spending more time at the sink doing dishes than at the computer, you're losing money.

#3 -- Flexibility rules. You should leverage the flexibility and freedom to work when you want to work. But your overall goal should be to get the work done before you start doing other tasks. I recommend you set daily goals. When you accomplish those goals then end the day or do what you need to do. At the same time, flexibility doesn't mean working around the clock without stop time. It is very easy (if you're dedicated and disciplined) to work endless hours. You should set those daily goals and just stop. If you end sooner, enjoy. If you end later put a cap on it and be real. If a daily goal is just taking too long and your dinner is getting cold, it's time to stop. It can't wait.

Quick tips to keep clients happy. I thought I would also share some quick tips to keep clients super happy.

  1. Communication -- always keep clients in the loop. Even if you're running behind schedule simple communication will keep clients happy. 
  2. Consistent updates -- the same as communication. Keep a good, open communication line and keep clients updated on a consistent daily or weekly basis.
  3. Consistent daily or weekly progress -- show the work don't tell them about the work. Clients that can clearly see progress being made will not feel shuffled aside or forgotten. Clients need to feel important. They are paying good money. So make them feel their monetary contribution to your business matters, whether it's large or small amounts. Money means something and it's an exchange of service. So be respectful and show the client your work.
I apply all of these rules to 3L Publishing. Looking for a marketing or public relations firm or publisher? Our team of first-rate talent will take good care of you. We dedicate ourselves to superior customer service and care. For more information, contact 916-300-8012 or send an email to

Monday, June 17, 2013

Review True Blood Season 6 - Opener

You can count on my Monday morning reviews of True Blood to start. The 6th season got off to an interesting start in rapid-fire pacing and action. Sookie and Eric in the 5th season finale watched as vampire Bill melted and re-emerged as something else. Judging from the show's theme, we are going to find out this season what that something else is. Other story lines continuing included Alcide's initiation as pack master and Andy Balfour having to face the results of his unprotected sex with a fairy. Now we have Alan Ball out as head writer (I noticed he retained the title as executive producer) and Raelle Tucker in his place. I thought the storytelling was a little more focused. We stayed on the action longer with Sookie, Eric and the gang as they escaped a major explosion and headed for the ocean where some emotional confrontations went down. Now the big question in the air: What is Bill? Is he Bill Compton or Bill-ilth? Eric signed back Sookie's house, and a tenderness was shared between the two, leaving the lingering question whether they will reunite (here's hoping).

Season Opener: ***

Friday, June 14, 2013

Midwest Book Review of Vengeance is Now

It's freaky Friday or maybe "freakin'" Friday. I was awakened to two different things -- one positive, one negative. The negative, my kitten I have renamed "Evil" who yowled so loud you would think he was about to die. The positive: 

Midwest Book Review of 3L book Vengeance is Now: People find their ways to live life all along the way. "Vengeance is Now" is a novel from Scott D. Roberts as he tells the story of Tate Halloway, a man with a crumbling life and finds himself accused of many a life along the way. With dark humor, a vague sexiness, and plenty of thrills to keep readers glued to the page, "Vengeance is Now" is a choice addition to contemporary thriller collections. 

Buy your copy on Amazon in print or Kindle or go to the 3L Publishing website and buy the printed version today:

Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Daily Blog

It's a la, la, la day and I have to blog ... well, I try to blog daily. Why do I blog daily? I'll tell you ...

No. #1 -- Daily = Attraction from those Web crawlers. The web crawlers for the search engines are out on a daily basis, searching for new keywords to lure the little spiders to your page. This act attracts more readers.

No. #2 -- Daily = building an audience. People who read the blog on a daily basis want to keep reading and no new material deters repeat business. Readership goes down if you don't keep them coming back for more.

No. #3 -- Daily = interested readers = prospective business. Steady readers may some day convert to customers.  Customers/clients pay the bills. Simple. Necessary.

No. #4 -- Daily = interested readers = prospective business = virtual relationship building. Steady, interested readers who convert to prospective business become clients. You have to build a "relationship," which is done through the constant flow of information. Relationships eventually translate to referrals or business. Either ways it's a win-win.

No. #5 -- If you blog you can't stop blogging or you give the appearance you went out of business. Basic, old information that remains stagnant is like hanging a shingle, letting the dust gather and fog the windows, and the shingle rot. You look dead in the water. So make sure you keep your blog updated daily or don't do it all.

Need someone to blog for you? Our team of professional writers provide blog services at package prices. Hire us today by sending an email to or call 916-300-8012. For more information, visit

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Public Relations Tips for Book Promotion

Lots of great publicity going on for the 3L Publishing book Vengeance is Now. Author Scott D. Roberts just did a guest blog on Girls with Books, and this morning he is doing an interview on Conversations with Cyrus Webb. How are we getting good, consistent and steady exposure? Here are our promotional strategies that work.

It's always who you know. Over the years of working in this industry, my company 3L Publishing has done a lot of media outreach. We have steadfast contacts in the book reviewer world, as well as mainstream media. We have also built a reputation for quality products. Many reviewers familiar with 3L products will immediately agree to look at our books.

Steady, relentless pressure. We push and promote daily. We are working in tandem with the author to promote to media and book-related industry people. The author HAS to be working those front lines with us. Nothing sells a book better than the author. As the publisher, I do one thing a day to promote -- whether that is contacting a media person or promoting to a writers' group or book club.

Get creative. We don't do just standard book promotion. We also get creative. We go to literary festivals and conventions. We keep our brand out front. By doing this, we make the brand easily recognizable by both industry professionals and consumers. We're also personally going to as many Barnes and Nobles across the U.S. and handing them a copy of the book. Handing a book and putting it right in the hands of the book buyers makes an impression. We hope this activity will increase orders into the bookstores via our distribute Baker and Taylor.

Do you need to hire a publicist for your book? We offer a variety of public relations and book promotional services. Send an email to or call 916-300-8012.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Lessons in Business 101

I've been in business now seven years, and I'm the CEO of 3L Publishing! Wow! Seven whole years! I've had some great years where the dump truck loaded with money pulled up and dumped away. I've had some lean years. And I've had some "so-what" years. The lessons I've learned have been tremendous. Want to know what they are? Sure you do! You're an avid reader of my blog, so naturally you're sitting on the edge of your seat, waiting with baited eagerness.

Never ever focus on the NOT. What does that mean? It's really simple. If you spend all of your energy and thoughts focused on what you DON'T have, you'll have more of that. A great example is money. If you don't have enough money, don't spend all your time saying how you don't have enough money. Instead put ALL of your attention on earning enough money -- and this means marketing and selling. The old saying, "We are what we think most about" is so true. Live and do business by this one simple rule and you will stay in business.

Market your way out of every predicament. Lost a client out of nowhere? Got an unexpected bill? Don't know where the money will come from? Simple. Market your way to success. This lesson will not only keep your business on the grid, so to speak, but it will grow your business. If you don't have the proper network and marketing tools then I suggest you grow one. Combine public relations and social media to expand your network and then market to that network. Use education-based marketing by using something like this blog, a newsletter or e-postcards and promotions. When in doubt, market it out!

Follow-up with your prospects. Heidi BK Sloss in the insightful book Fortune is in the Follow-Up teaches the golden rule of follow-up, which is basic and not terribly shocking -- just follow-up! Design a basic follow-up system or methodology to do outreach. Don't let your fortune slip through the cracks by forgetting to go back and essentially check in. Lack of follow-up is like flushing potential business right down the toilet. Why would you do that? And it's not hard. Make a phone call, send an email, send a text, but follow-up daily, weekly or monthly, and your sales will (without fail) increase.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Bill-Zel the Crazy Cat

My shitty little kitty, Bill LOL!
I start to tune-out on Fridays. It's the end of the week. I've worked hard. Time to slowly unplug my busy mind and ramble about useless stuff to you on the blog. Today's useless information involves my crazy cat Bill who has taken to pouncing from under the bed at my feet. Do you know how hard it is to try and make the bed when your kitten in scratching your feet? Little shit! He also pounces on me when I get up in the morning and tries to nose his way in my face. What's up with that? Well, of course the pouncing and rolling on the floor in a plastic bag is super cute. He has the run of the house. In fact, I'M renting from him not the other way around. If I leave my office door open and go somewhere, he gets mad and pees on my bedspread! "Here Mom! Take that!" My daughter says he is Biezel from Movie 43. I agree. I should rename him "Bill-zel" LOL. Crazy cat!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Great Comma Debate

No one agrees on comma usage. Look it up. All of the grammar sites have differing opinions. The style books (AP Style and Chicago) don't agree. Struck and White has its own rules about commas. And then you have the "grammar police" (as I call them) who think they KNOW your comma usage is wrong -- it doesn't work with their rules. I have different authors who have differing uses. It's like this discussion that can't be won. I will say this: I cannot stand the grammar police who insist your usage is just plain wrong. If you followed AP Style and they use, say, Struck and White, yep! It's wrong. Yet it's not wrong. When it comes to commas, I allow the authors to use their preferred styles. The only rule I apply is consistency. Do it that way; always do it that way, period. Now some comma usage is, in fact, just plain wrong. You know like splitting the adjective from the noun or the noun from the verb -- that sort of thing.

My favorite (and funny) rule of overall editing: If it's wrong yesterday it's still wrong today. In other words when you're editing and you think, "Hmm ... maybe that is wrong," and you leave it. Guess what? It's still wrong on the second pass -- that is, unless you change (finally) it. And that's a little humor for you. Now go have a super fantastic day.

Want to hire me or any of my crackerjack editors? Send me an email to, visit the website at or call 916-300-8012.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013



Invest in our full publishing package and save up to 75 percent! Yes, 75 percent on our package DEAL. Beat the heat of other publishers!!!

Book Publishing Package #1
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  • Two draft editing process
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  • Front and back cover design
  • Guts/interior design
  • Final finished book
Price: $3,000

Book Publishing Package #2
Qualifying Books: 1-250 Pages
Editorial Includes:
  • Two draft editing process
  • Final proof reading
  • Grammar, spelling, usage and Style check
  • Front and back cover design
  • Guts/interior design
  • Final finished book
Price: $4,000

Offer expires: June 30, 2013

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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Vengeance is Now Media Campaign

If you're and author, you should realize that writing is only half the job. The other half is the true business end, which involves promoting and marketing the book. In my writers' group Writers Who Mean Business, I teach writers the "business" of writing not just the writing. While some writers' groups focus on craft, I focus on making the book do more than gather dust on the bookshelf. As a publisher, I feel that is my job.

We are right in the middle of promoting the new book Vengeance is Now and my book California Girl Chronicles, Brea's Big Break. I want to break apart the media campaign so if you work in this business you might get some ideas. Please note: An effective promotional and marketing campaign should run at least six months to a year.

Media and Book Reviewers -- this is the most popular promotional methodology. You promote the book to the mainstream book reviewers, which these days it's mostly bloggers. (When doesn't the Internet rule the world?) Reviewers request it and review it. It involves pitching and follow-up. You can do radio and TV appearances, but again with a fiction book it's about increased visibility and exposure. I've never seen an author do a TV appearance that produced a dramatic increase in sales except for one non-fiction cookbook that had a prime national TV spot.

Literary Festivals and Events -- make your brand ever-present by attending festivals and events. You will have a chance to be a featured author and speak and expose your book right to consumers. You can also buy booth space and table displays. Please keep in mind, book sales may not make up for the basic costs. The idea here is advertising, increased visibility and exposure to your prospective audience.

Website, Blog and media kit -- you should have an author page, blog to keep updates going and appearances list, and media kit. These marketing pieces are an absolute must-have. You will be using them to promote your book.

Bookstores and Book Signings -- until you are a "name" book signings are pretty useless. Most people only show up for a name. However, authors can stop in at the local bookstores and ask for the book buyer. Give sample copies of the book to the book buyer to entice future orders.

Speaking Gigs and Back of the Room Sales -- create a speaker's sheet, develop a presentation, and give speak on your topic right to prospective consumers. A great presentation always translates into spectacular back-of-the-room sales.

Advertising -- mix up your media with advertising in your niche market. You will want to place ads in niche media that attracts the right audience. Ads are only effective if they run multiple times. You should intend to run an ad at least (minimally) 3x to 6x or more.

If you would like to hire our cracker-jack team of marketing and PR professionals to promote your book, please send an email to or call 916-300-8012.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Some Things Spell Disaster ... Like No Cream for Your Coffee or a Misspelled Word!

I am chuckling over my headline. I was relieved when I had one splash of cream left in the half-in-half for my coffee this morning. Because "gawd" what would I do without cream in my coffee? I might have to run yelling and screaming in the streets. "Get me some crrreeeaaammmm!"

All right enough of the nutty talk for the morning. Would you like to hear the most common spelling mistakes perpetrated by even the most seasoned writers? We'll call them spelling bloopers, how's that? Here we go:

Altogether or all together -- if it's completely, totally, it's altogether. Problem is some writers just completely, totally get it wrong and spell it all together. Well that is altogether wrong.

Every day or everyday -- if it's happening every day it's everyday (adjective). I go to the movies every day (two words). I am an everyday person (adjective).

Comprise or compose -- as a verb we write or create or we compose. As a verb the work is comprised of many parts. The work is never composed of many parts.

All right or alright -- alright means without a doubt, and it's never all right to spell it alright when it's not all right LOL. Really my friends I suggest you stick to all right when it's in question, because 9 times out of 10 times it's spelled all right NOT alright, which I have seen misused so often it's funny.

Its or It's -- this one is SO easy. It's is ALWAYS IT IS, period. When in doubt spell it out ... insert it is and does the sentence work? If it doesn't then its works just fine.

Do you feel informed now? Want to hire a topnotch editor to spruce up your paper or manuscript? Guess what? We have professional editors on our team who do know the difference between a verb and a noun. I promise, we do. If you would like to hire us to clean up your writing (or "scrub it" as I like to say), send an email to or call 916-300-8012.