Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Girls, Episode 2 - The Unsexiest Sex Scene

I think when you watch a sex scene it's supposed to at least be sexy and not sort of make you grimace. On last night's episode of the new HBO show Girls, it opened with the possibly the unsexiest sex scene I've ever watched. Last week, I let you know that while this show is the critic's darling, I wasn't overwhelmed with its appeal. In my quest to give it a second chance, I watched the second episode. Here is how it opened: boyfriend is pounding (and I mean pounding) Hannah. As usual, she doesn't come across like she's enjoying this. He is saying all sorts of unappealing fantasy stuff to her, and at one point, he takes his hand and smashes her face to the side. I was not the least turned on. I was completely disgusted, and my first thought was, "That was completely unappealing." He disrespects and degrades her. She degrades herself, too. I didn't see the exact point except to show young women what? Don't let your boyfriend behave this way? Is this some form of acceptable courtship for younger women? Hannah even complains that he never texts her back or calls and they just randomly get together for these sex acts that she doesn't even seem to enjoy. This show has been cited as the modern Sex in the City. Well, Sex in the City had beautiful women who had sexual encounters that at least looked sexy! Only one of the girls is even remotely attractive in this series, and Hannah is decidedly not a beauty. She's so ordinary that I suppose that is the appeal for the average girl to connect with an actress who seems like she could be a girlfriend. I get that part. We can't all look like we came off the cover of Maxim. Yet just because she is so ordinary doesn't mean she has to be portrayed as a door mat. I don't know. This show is if nothing else interesting to watch to see what they're trying to do with it.


  1. I have not watched Girls but just yesterday I read a blog. It talked about how the author had been talking to women about their sex lives.

    Their revelation to her was that they do things in the bedroom they do not particularly care for because their partner likes them. Now that in and of itself might not be so bad.

    It was that the blog author has the sense the men have no idea their partner dislikes the activity. That was a shocker.

    Now reading your post and reaction to this show it reminds me of this. I think there are women who just go along to get a long even when it comes to love and sex.

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