Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Sometimes You Just have to Let Your Legs Dangle

I had the most amazing conversation with a children's book author. We are both about the same age, and she was divorced and on the dating scene. We were talking about some pretty personal stuff, but she gave the best advice about being newly divorced and dating again. First and foremost, she advised me to have fun. The cliche "life's too short" applies here. Then she looked at me and told me something really spot on. She said, "Just let your legs dangle. Hang from the air and don't know if you're going to fall or not. Be uncomfortable!" I absolutely loved her advise. She's right! Sometimes we all just need to let our legs dangle, feel afraid of heights, and just go with it. She reminded me that nothing is promised and guaranteed. You never know what comes next. You might try and control everything around you. You might try and find all of those guarantees, but ultimately you can't know. Her advise really means to relish and enjoy the unknown rather than being scared or anxious about it. The truth is, we can do everything "right" and it still turns out "wrong." Or we can do everything right and it turns out great, but either way, sometimes you just have to believe, have faith and ... let your feet dangle!

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