Thursday, April 26, 2012

VEEP vs. Girls ... VEEP Wins the Vote

I don't watch very much television. I love HBO on Sunday nights, but right now the choices outside of the new show VEEP seem like slim pickings. Speaking of VEEP, I have to say the scene where Julia Louis-Dreyfus' character does the best "WTF" contortion and tosses the coffee was classic. Her comedic timing was outrageously perfect and proves her physical comedy is brilliant. I loved it. If you haven't seen VEEP yet, I recommend you take a peek at it. The awful show Girls, on the other hand, is very likely to find its way into my "don't-watch" list. My friend and associated Sonja Fisher was over last night, and she was showing me how to DVR (yes, I am not DVRing), and I told her she had to watch the awful sex scene in the opening of Girls' second episode. I put it on for her to watch, and the look of horror on her face closely mirrored my own the first time I watched it. She said and I quote, "That's not even funny? Why is this thing getting four stars from the critics?" Sonja well said! I agree!! I am happy, though, to see a great show with a wonderful female lead take center stage on HBO, which seems to be recognizing with shows like Enlightened, that there is a strong audience for these shows. And with that ... oh, HBO my TV pilot California Girl Chronicles is almost finished ;).

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