Friday, March 29, 2013

It's Nonsensical Friday Rambling

THE dress :).
Friday is like the throw-away day when it comes to blogging. I can't be too serious -- it's Friday. I am actually sitting in my office with the coffee machine singing its siren song to me to come get another cup! Will she do it? Yes! Yes! More caffeine ;). Every morning here in publishing land consists of my favorite friend "Joe". In fact, Joe visits me more than my real boyfriend (just kidding). Yes, I am having a love affair with Joe. And here I am waxing on about my love of the cup. All you coffee drinkers out there totally get my point, I know it.

So, just to continue on my useless discussion let's move on to party dresses. Yep, guys you can go away now ... party dresses. I have several parties coming up, so what's a girl to do? Buy a new party dress. Now I have to plug White House Black Market. They sell what I like to call "sexy chic" at higher-end prices, but comparatively speaking not as expensive as most quality boutiques. I like their fashions -- the clothes are edgy, sexy and classy. My entire wardrobe consists of their clothes for both business and pleasure, and that includes my shoes. Now I do "interlope" with INC from Macy's, but INC can often go too far and too crazy with certain patterns. You will never beat a black dress no matter what you try. Black also gives you a lovely pallet to add colors. For example, I purchased this dress with purple shoes. You can't just wear purple shoes with anything. I love White House Black Market so much that I am going to buy my wedding dress from their New York store.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Modern Disconnect

The movie Disconnect is coming out soon. It is about true disconnect -- our ability to disconnect with technology from each other and desensitize ourselves from true human interaction. The Smart Phone and email and texts take us away from human interaction. The computer and Smart Phone make work ubiquitous so we can't ever truly escape the office. My fiancé Kirk Donnelly said employers love it when employees have home offices where the lines between work and private life blur. He's right. I'm never but a room away from my work. I am reachable 24 x 7, which is not good for work-life balance. You have to make a concerted effort to turn off your phone or leave it behind if you want true downtime.

At the same time, the Internet and email have given rise to a generation of haters -- people who hide behind the computer screen and feel no social consequence from being completely devoid of good manners or sensitivity to other's feelings. What consequence is there to mean-spirit comments about other people when you can leave it behind on some message board or even my Facebook Wall? No one ever sees you face to face -- and hence, the disconnect between real interaction and social propriety that enables people to unleash anger and malice to their heart's content. No social retribution. No reprisals. No consequences.

The detriment to personal relationships when you combine all this disconnect (and the TV, too) doesn't help the divorce rate. Couples use technology to avoid each other. They spend more time chatting on Facebook with unknown "friends" then they do each other. After a failed marriage that involved an inordinate amount of time spent in front of the TV, I decided to make some changes in my new relationship. The no. #1 rule: NO MORE TELEVISION! Yes, I know so many of you are falling off your seats and crying: NO WAY. YES WAY. We no longer watch TV. Instead, we've taken to playing our favorite card game, drinking a nice beverage, and discussing the day's events while we play. We also read books aloud to each other. And we go do things that don't involve the TV. I try to end my work at a certain time of day, too. And I leave my phone behind on weekends. Our relationship is going strong. We're connected to each other. We're aware of each other's lives and feelings. We go to movies on weekends as a family event.

Want to put the "connect" back in your relationships? I've just given you a blueprint.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Preparing for the Vengeance is Now Road Show

Getting ready for a major road show is no easy feat. We are all hands on deck with the upcoming Vengeance is Now book tour scheduled to begin April 26. We will be reporting from the road for sure and blogging our daily escapades. We will share our lessons learned in the most humorous way. Those authors interested in doing everything possible to make their books a best-seller, should pay attention to what we're doing, how we're executing it, and our results. As you begin working with any publisher or marketing professional on your book promotion, here are some key considerations:

What kind of collateral material will I need?

  • Media Kit for publicity purposes, which should include:
    • About the Book
    • Book Specifications
    • Press Release
    • Frequently Asked Questions
    • Author Bio
    • Sample Chapter Insertion
  • Bookmarks with URL to your book website and contact information
  • Book posters for parties, launches and author signings
  • Speaker's sheets (for business books) for presentations
  • Author Website, which should include:
    • About the Book
    • About the Author
    • Events and Media Materials
    • Shopping Cart to Buy the Book
  • Social Media Strategies 
Is your head swimming yet? And then you have logistics for the book tour to coordinate. Not sure where to even begin with this process? Contact us at 3L Publishing at 916-300-8012, send an email to, or log onto the website at 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What to Look for in a Great Book Coach

Many new writers need assistance and guidance on their books. A book coach is an ideal choice to help make your book idea a reality. Why would you invest in a book coach? Because you lose objectivity in your own work or you need guidance and expertise to produce a book worthy of publishing. What should you look for if you decide to seek assistance from a book coach?

Expertise, knowledge and skills -- your book coach cannot be some academic person who has only taught literature. The biggest complaint I had about English professors is that they were in the business of teaching something they never actually did. How can you teach or understand a process you've never done? Nothing is more meaningful and educational than the real thing. A coach should have not only the education but most importantly the experience. He or she should have written his or her own books or scripts. He or she should understand the process, and because he or she has done the process, he or she should have real insight to guide the author.

Personalized attention -- your book coach should devote personal time to talk to you and guide you. He or she should be available to answer your questions. At my company 3L Publishing, you're paying $95 an hour. What you're paying for is all of the knowledge, education and experience to help you. Your book coach should dig deep. He or she should go into the actual manuscript or script and be adept at making comments at the granular level and then be able to step back and provide guidance on the big picture (story).

What you do not want in a book coach:

What is a good saying? Cheap is as cheap does ... I've said that to authors before about seemingly inexpensive and cheap coaching services. If you find a coach willing to charge $100 to read and critique your work, expect $100 worth of service that might include a quick summary and analysis of your book. Will that help you? Probably not. What kind of guidance and down-and-dirty insight can a brief recap of your story and some analysis do? Not much. The difference with our coaching is that our coaches go right into the actual manuscript itself and provide the analysis right there on the page.

Do you want to write an award-winning book? Is your book on its way, but you're stuck and not sure how to move forward? Then it's time to contact us about our coaching services. All of our coaches are bonafide published authors. We know what we're talking about through years of hands-on experience. For more information, send an email to or call 916-300-8012.

Monday, March 25, 2013

The Funniest Advertisements

Over the years, I've seen some pretty funny stuff. I am a road-preneur and travel quite a bit. I recently saw a company name that reminded me of all of the other funny businesses I've seen. I thought I would take this opportunity to make you laugh about them. Here we go ...

Areola's -- Yes, while driving home from a business meeting I drove behind a truck that had a big sign that read: Areola's ... huh? Is that spelled right, I thought. Upon a closer inspection, yep! Spelled perfectly and rightly. With the realization that this person named their company after a private area on the body, I burst out laughing. How does one position that tagline? Right on target ... see the target ... it's under the bra? LOL ... and then I wondered, What does Areola's sell? No idea. My guess was Areola covers ... you know for those cold days.

The Infamous Burrito Truck -- I once drove behind a beat-up old Toyota pick-up that had a bed cover made of slat board. On the back of each slat written on the tailgate was (you'll never guess) ... a menu. A menu? Yes, a menu of various burritos sold out of the truck. And get this: the menu was written in Sharpe pen in rather messy handwriting. Now I would simply have to question anyone who would pony up to the truck bed to buy a burrito out of a cluttered and filthy truck bed. I think any menu written in Sharpe on dirty slats displayed on a beat-up truck might give you more than a burrito. Can we say food poisoning, too. BUT you have to give credit to the industrious entrepreneur for a weak try.

Little Doll House on Wheels -- Another super hilarious moments goes to the Oregonian family who created a makeshift "house" on wheels. I think this little house was actually meant to be a shed in one's backyard, but this family had put it on wheels, added some window dressing, and made it look like a doll house for camping. It was so funny looking that I couldn't help but laugh.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Vengeance is Now Book Launch Party Invite

Date: April 13, 2013
Location: Bar West
Address: 2724 J Street, Sacramento, CA
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Open to the Public
Scott D. Roberts, new author of the thriller Vengeance is Now, debuts his novel to the Sacramento market at this fabulous launch party. Please join us for food and celebration at Bar West. Members will enjoy as Roberts reads from the book and gives a brief presentation on "Anatomy of Storytelling". A 3L Publishing book coach and editor, Roberts can share his experience as a first-time author and regale the group with stories of his years working in Hollywood as a screenwriter and producer. He will also sign pre-release copies of the book, which releases nationally into major bookstores and Amazon in May.
Vengeance is Now -- A down-and-out and disgraced former police detective and P.I., Tate Holloway has turned to a life of soaking his sorrows in a bottle of Tequila, smoking weed, and turning tricks with high-class wealthy women to make a living. Balancing his empty life of surfing and keeping his secret life away from his girlfriend, Tate finds his entire world turned upside down when he’s set up, framed, and forced to go on the run for unspeakable crimes.
Scott D. Roberts is the writer, producer, and co-director of the award-winning documentary, "Gas Hole," narrated by Peter Gallagher. He is also the executive producer, writer, and co-host of the monthly segment, "Gas Hole of the Month" which airs on FSTV. He wrote, produced, and/or directed two reality pilots in the last three years, "Giving, Celebrity Style," starring Melinda Clarke ("Nikita," "The O.C.") and "Ted & Jason: Building an Empire," featuring the hair stylist to the stars, Ted Gibson. He's written over 50 screenplays and TV shows during a career that spans over 20 years and has had his projects optioned and/or developed by New Line, Warner Brothers, Paramount, MGM, EUE/Screen Gems and Columbia.
For more information, go to the Facebook Events page.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Life's Too Damned Short!

Up at the crack of dawn with my fiancé Kirk Donnelly, who (e-gads) has a corporate job. I am quickly reminded how glad I am that I don't have to get in my car and drive anywhere. My morning routine consists of "button pressing" (on my instant coffee machine) and a walk to the computer in the next room. Although I am super excited I got patio furniture that is perfect for working on the laptop outside come warmer weather. And, and we got wind chimes and particularly glass wind chimes to listen to the glass "tinkle" with the sway of the wind. Are you all wondering yet, "Is she going to tell us something useful or not?" Okay, okay, I'll tell you something useful (unless of course you got the subtext of this blog) ... carve out your life the way you like it! Yes, it IS possible. I am constantly trying to get people to understand they don't have to be a "slave" to anything other than their own senses of slavery. I wrote about titled Second Bloom: 10 Steps to Reinvent, Rejuvenate and Realize a New Life. I, too, used to be a corporate drone and slave to the man and machine. One day I woke up and thought, "Life's too short" and I've gone by that mantra for several years now. Life is too darned short. One day you wake up and realize half your life is gone and you haven't really lived it! You've clocked in and out, and all those childhood dreams never come to fruition ... sad, sad, sad.

I recently confronted this fact again in my personal life and even more recently with a new challenge. I am taking a 45-day book tour that will take me away from my beloved fiancé and children. Well, it's a make or break for an important 3L Publishing book, Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts, that without the support won't meet its potential. I had to sit down and do some critical thinking -- and with my own book California Girl Chronicles (book 2) ready to fly out the chute, I thought, now is the time. Sometimes you bite the book (LOL) and go for it ... "life's too short." Don't let fear hold you back. Don't let worry hold you back. You have to have trust, faith and moxy. Go for it! A go-for-it attitudes is a winner. And here is how I looked at it: I will either have a marvelous cross-country experience and create a best-seller OR I will have a marvelous cross-country experience -- either way: win! Win! You have to love life.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tips to Effectively Manage Social Media

I know there are many other social media experts out there who have better information on the subject. But the tips I am going to provide come from hands-on experience and a marketing background. You might argue that my approaches and philosophies about it are not the best or the latest intelligence, but these techniques are learned from real-world experience. My Facebook page has over 3,000 connections all organically made without any effort on my part (well, no direct effort). You might wonder how those organic connections were made with only 200 "friends" to start. Well, this is where the real-world marketing and public relations experience comes into play. If you would like to build up your social media, follow my tips. If you don't like my tips ... don't follow them LOL. It's sort'a simple that way.

General marketing and public relations = increased visibility and awareness

How do you create a personal or business brand unless people know you exist. You have to promote your company, product or self image. How do you promote? You do publicity and get your name out into the public eye. You do public relations. You release a press release to promote your brand. People see the name. They "friend" the name. They "follow" the name. This applies to products and services, too. Just maintain a consistent brand and image so you can be easily found.

Daily "sharing" = increased presence on the daily news feed

If you use social media and do not share or participate in the community, your "stock" goes down. What that means is that you are not staying at the top of the Facebook news feed. The more you post, the more often you get ranked higher in the feed. The more often you show up in the news feed, the more attention you get. The more attention you get, the more likely new "friends" are going to connect with you -- and hence, you grow your social media community.

Strong social media brand/image = greater notice and exposure

It's not enough to post mundane "coffee-drinking" stories. Be mindful of your social media brand and what it's saying to the public at large. While people might question my fun and playful profile picture(s), I am VERY calculated about that picture. My company does NOT offer a staid and boring corporate experience. I left corporate America to live life my way. I work with people I like. I don't want to be boring and corporate -- and if authors want a boring and corporate publisher, my picture firmly says, "I'm not your gal!" and that is fine by me.

Want to work with the "fun" publishing company? Contact 3L Publishing ( at 916-300-8012 or send an email to

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Define ... "Appropriate" on Social Media

I woke up this morning. Sun shining ... check! Birds chirping ... check. Time to "check" social media. What do I find on my Facebook Wall at this beautiful dawn hour? A weird, illiterate poem professing love from a "friend" connection. Love? Who is in love with me? Well, it's certainly not my fiancé Kirk Donnelly. It's some strange guy I agreed to "friend" who goes by some odd name. Now I am constantly ranting and raving about appropriate Facebook aka social media behavior. BUT given that many people also use online dating as a means to meet their mates, I thought I would extol the virtues of "acting appropriately". Now I am being rather facetious here, and kind'a making fun of a guy who writes me a love poem -- or more specifically a guy I've never met who writes me a love poem. Perhaps we ought to start with the definition of love. Ladies, we all know that romantic love is traditionally shared among two people who actually (and get this astonishing revelation) KNOW each other (I am LOLing all over the place). I know this must be an absolute stunning announcement and you are all now whispering amongst yourselves ... know, know, know? Yes, my fellow reader, romantic love is a shared feeling among the acquainted. So, if you are trying to woo a woman via social media or even, my best sage advice, don't pronounce anything even remotely related to the "L" word unless, of course, you have met and maybe (get this) dated! Dated? Yes, you know that old-fashioned term and thing you do when you're (another stunner) courting a woman. If you dane to use the "L" word and profess your undying feelings, I might even take it a step further to suggest you not do so on the first date. My fiancé called a woman who announced her love on the first date as a "Swim Fan" in honor of the movie about stalking and obsessive love. Ah, now we've come to the true crux of the matter. Those socially inept who dane to tell me they love me when they don't know me on social media ... well, guess what happens to them? Can we say "un-friended" ... yes! "Why is that?" you cheerfully ask out of curiosity. Because like my fiancé who called a woman a "Swim Fan," anyone who tells someone they love them -- and they've never even met AND writes her a poem no less ... um can we say "stalker"? And thus, click! Friendship gone ...  bye-bye. And there my beloved readers is an almost concise but very frank description of why professing love to strangers on social media is inappropriate!

Monday, March 18, 2013

Sweet Simplicity

Simplicity -- ah, sweet simplicity ... I'm always saying it's the simple things. I'm a simple girl and simple things bring a smile to my face. This tree outside of my office window regales me with its full bloom. All the trees are snow white right now, and the very sight makes me smile. I bought a bouquet of spring flowers for my coffee table. They made me so happy! The flowers were bright and purple fun. I can sit in my sweet home and enjoy its beauty. My home is small and lovely -- and decorated in a comfortable feel -- that makes me happy. I can sit on the sofa and talk for hours with my fiance Kirk Donnelly -- and that makes me really happy, too. Last night, a friend of mine asked me to dinner, and Kirk and I went and gave her counsel on her decision to divorce. I was leaning quietly against my man, and I thought how far I've come. Last year at this time, I had just walked away from a 20-year marriage. Life looked rather bleak. I was tired and sad. A full year later, I'm content, happy and engaged to one of the sweetest, gentlest men I've ever met.

What is my point? All these people always looking for bigger, better and more fabulous ... take a deep breath. Stop! Abundance and love is all around you. The colorful beauty of flowers ... the knowing smile on my man's face ... a tender, loving kiss -- these are the things that have deeper meaning. These things are so basic, so ... SIMPLE. Happiness!

Friday, March 15, 2013

How to Succeed in Sudden Business Growth

It's Friday morning ... coffee time. I decided this morning to pour my Joe into a "love" cup made by my nine-year-old daughter. A little morning jumpstart with some love ... works for me. So business here at 3L Publishing is booming. Now I am super, super happy and over the moon about the business. Now I have to deliver. You can't sell without delivering what you sell, right? With so much work coming in so fast, we're in a rapid growth curve. Now I could 1. panic 2. fret or 3. get organized. I choose #3. How do you manage a lot of work at once? I have some great tips to share with all you busy managers and executives. Here is why people ask me, "How do you get so much done?"

Step 1: Get real! Yes, get real about what you CAN actually manage. Don't look at the moon, realize it's really thousands of stars, and then panic. Get real with your responsibilities and work load. Don't shirk those things that MUST be done to grow your company (in my case) and drop them in favor of the huge work load. So get real!!

Step 2: Delegate! Oh, now I can hear the solo-preneurs out there making self-limiting commentaries that always run like this: "I am happy being this size company." They will turn away work versus figuring out how to delegate and hire contractors or employees. I have something I want to tell you! Did you know this simple law: If you're not growing you're shrinking! My question to you: do you want to grow and make more money or shrink and make less? Look at your workload, look at your resources, and delegate the parts you either are not skilled at doing or could pay someone less to do and make money to keep doing what you're doing to make money.

Step 3: Get organized! Now it's time to either find a project manager or just get organized. The tighter the organization, the more effective the engine! If you have a lot of new work and existing projects coming in -- it's time to get out the spreadsheet and whiteboard. It's time to organize it and track project progress. You want to make sure you know each project and where it is in progress. You also want to do this for sales leads for future follow-up (for great follow-up techniques, purchase a copy of Fortune is in the Follow-Up by Heidi BK Sloss available on the 3L website,, or Amazon.

Step 4: Chunk into manageable routines and goals. You want to have routines and daily lists to accomplish. For me since I'm the CEO and essentially chief marketer, too; I typically have marketing routines that I do on a daily and weekly basis. For example, I blog daily, post on social media daily, write weekly articles for Writers Who Mean Business on, write my weekly newsletter First Word, and host a bi-weekly radio show titled First Word Radio. Each marketing exercise is part of a weekly routine. For the books, I have daily goals or tasks. I break books down into incremental and doable daily goals. I write down my daily goals. And I rotate the projects so that each one has a certain amount of time devoted to it to accomplish the goal.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Five Second Blog

Business lesson numeral uno: Always focus on marketing and sales -- especially when sales go down. Take a lesson straight out of The Secret. If you're struggling for any reason in business, DO NOT FOCUS ON DEBT! Focus exclusively on HOW TO MAKE MONEY. If you focus on making money vs not making money, you will succeed!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Creating a Brand for Your Book

I am constantly telling authors that a book is like having an entire business -- that is, if you're treating it right. As you begin the marketing and publicity phase for your book launch, you should have some key marketing pieces in your arsenal. Are you wondering what are the necessary pieces? Here is a good starting point:

Author Website -- you absolutely must have an author website. Well, any business these days cannot get away without having a website. At a bare minimum your website should feature: About the Author/Book, a dynamic page or blog that can be updated with event information, and a method to buy the book via a shopping cart system.

Media Kit -- 3L Publishing is widely known in the industry for having some of the most beautiful media kits. Media kits go to the book buyers and regional and national broadcast and print media. They are used to attract attention and sales in the book stores without having to necessarily send a sample, which bookstores like Barnes and Noble will request samples from the distributor Baker and Taylor. Our job is to pique their interests enough to ask for the sample. The media will request a kit and sample review copy and then decide if they want to review the book. The media uses the kit for interviews and background information, too.

Bookmark with contact information in lieu of a business card -- I prefer the bookmark with the contact information on it to give to both readers and reviewers instead of a business card. The bookmark is more useful and promotes (in my case) both the company the book. And people like bookmarks for reading.

Book Poster -- a poster of the book cover is used for book signings and parties. You put it out on display to promote the book. It's an advertisement for the book for everywhere you go.

3L Publishing writes content and designs these materials. Would you like to use our services? Please go to our website at, call 916-300-8012, or send an email to

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

What's New from 3L Publishing this Spring

I love the spring time, and spring is summer release book season. We're having a busy winter at 3L Publishing preparing for the production of the late spring and summer releases. We have quite an interesting array of projects under way and I thought I would share our "what's next" in spring and summer releases.

Spring and Summer Releases -- Fiction
Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts -- finally! The release of the much-anticipated Vengeance aka as VIN. This erotic-thriller takes readers on a dark adventure with down-and-out former police detective and private investigator turned gigolo Tate Holloway who finds himself framed murder by an infamous serial killer whose moniker is "The Eye". VIN is book one of the Tate Holloway series, and introduces readers to the roguish and sarcastic Holloway, whose brutal flaws run deep, but his humor, devotion to his former partner, and sense of justice redeem him. 3L Publishing expects this book to be the big winner this buying season. The book is so well written and lures readers into a true page-turner experience.

California Girl Chronicles: Brea's Big Break by Michelle Gamble -- and here she comes again! Brea finishes what she starts in book one. The book was written last year before the author's divorce, which delayed its release to 2013. The intrepid Brea pursues her dreamboat producer Kale after capsizing the romance in book one. In between, she dabbles in romance and erotic fun with a new playboy named Ryan and ends up stalked by a mysterious foe who has no love for her randy lifestyle. This book is more complicated than book one and merges several great sub-plots as Brea starts to grow up and grow into her life. California Girl Chronicles is really a coming-of-age series mixed with a lot of great romantic trysts. It's definitely a great beach book.

Death Grip by Marissa Hartman -- our first paranormal romance. In Death Grip, Hartman's debut romance novel, we are introduced to Gavin and Lucy whose romantic escapes take on a true spiritual quality that keeps readers rooting for the impossible. Deftly but sweetly written by the intrepid Hartman who shows off her great potential as a formidable romance writer, Death Grip will be a fluffy, wine-sipper's, hot tub read for purist escapist bliss.

Fairy Wisdom by Sarah Jane Alexander -- is the most unusual book to be released in early summer. I'm not sure if I should label this book fiction or non-fiction. You will see ... it's a little undefinable. The author has written an interesting piece of environmental and political wisdom about how "humans" treat the "Earth" and offers a liberal take on improvements. If you support things like anti-animal cruelty, clean energy, and natural remedies for health cures, you will be in good company of "Fairies" -- and one who goes by the name of Oberon who has a thing or two to tell you.

Harmonic Wars by D.B. Stearns -- how can I possibly describe this book in a sentence or two? If you like Game of Thrones and many worlds and alien experiences, this book will be for you. It crosses Star Wars with an Indiana Jones adventure and sets up what will become an extended series. It's complex, adventurous, interesting, fierce, imaginative, creative and captivating.

Spring and Summer Releases -- Non-Fiction

It's All About Millimeters by Dr. Donna Galante -- did you know that if you use what Dr. Galante refers to as a "millimeter approach" to change, you can do anything!  This well-thought-out gem teaches readers how tiny steps can make HUGE changes to your life, be it a personal or professional change. She delves into ways to improve business and family life. This book is a refreshingly simple self-help book that will inspire thousands to change their lives in the simplest way.

30 Magical and Memorable Family Vacations by Elisa Taylor -- this book has been a work-in-progress since we had to compile 30 vacations, but it was worth the wait. This book takes readers on 30 family vacations that left an indelible impression in the minds of the families. Each location shares a personal family story and the narrative then describes the overall destination. Informative and deeply personal, the family stories add the much-needed heart and personal impression about the vacations and suck readers into the experiences.

Topless in Europe by Tamara Williams -- ever go into the mind of an Alfa Romeo? Not only does new Sophomore author Williams take readers into the mind of her "female" nemesis, her husband's beloved Alfa Romeo, but in doing so takes you on a grand tour of Europe -- all through the car's eyes! This unique book is a wonderful travel tale told via the couple's car. An unforgettable read, this book is a charmer.

Fiddyment Family Book (working title) -- this beautiful book in pictures will chronicle the Fiddyment family, a pioneering family who settled in Lincoln, Ca. Local history buffs and enthusiasts will adore this personal and true story about the famous Fiddyment family.

Books in Editorial Development for Fall/Winter 2013 (these are working titles)
  • Daughter of the Caribbean, part II by Norma Jennings
  • The Red Bikini by Lisa Paragary Engelken
  • Touring Northern California and Southern Oregon by Louise Doolittle
  • White paper/booklet on cholesterol by John Bakos
So you can see 3L Publishing will be very busy throughout the year. We have many other exciting projects under discussion, too. Look for 2013 to put 3L on the map as a premiere publisher in Northern California. If you're ready to move forward with your book, contact us today at 916-300-8012 or send an email to 

Monday, March 11, 2013

Michelle's Favorite Things...

You know, I think I will fancy myself a little "Orah-esque" this morning and blog about my favorite things except you all won't be pulling any cars from under your desks LOL. You might like some of my favorite things and pass it on and maybe even help the businesses, too.

Sacramento's Best Breakfast
Have you all been to Bernardo's downtown? In my house, Sunday morning isn't complete without a trek downtown to enjoy a Sunday morning bite of authentic buttermilk pancakes and red potatoes. My fiance says, it's a carb-lovers breakfast ... for sure. The buttermilk (they serve buckwheat, too) actually taste like real buttermilk was poured into the batter. I don't even pour syrup on them. I spread the provided butter and away I go. The potatoes are beyond tender and awesome, and I add Cholula sauce to it, which gives the potatoes the perfect vinegar zing! They have a diverse American menu loaded with breakfast goodies. I've been going to Bernardo's for about 15 years, and they know my entire family -- although my recent divorce and new man on my arm might have thrown their staff for a pretty good loop. Same family ... different man. They respectfully never asked a single question, which was appreciated.

Best Iced Tea on the Planet
The best iced tea on the planet also happens to be served at Bernardo's too. Their house iced tea has a fruity flavor of peachy fun. I do not sweeten my tea, and this tea is perfectly sweetened and natural with its tea blend. It's a smooth, fruity taste, and I have honestly never tasted better tea anywhere else. Thus, when I eat breakfast I don't drink their coffee. I order their iced tea in to-go cups (because I want to drink it on the road, too).

My favorite 3L author and book -- Scott D. Roberts and Vengeance is Now
Yes, yes, it's gratuitous for sure, but this book just knocked my literary socks off. First, Scott is a dear friend of mine who also works for 3L and coaches our numerous authors. He is a funny guy and makes me laugh all of the time. You can't beat someone whose sense of humor cracks you up. He comes from a screenwriting background and you would be surprised by how many famous shows he has script doctored episodes (which I can't share). I love his work. He is the best screenwriter I have come into contact with. I thought he would make a great novelist and had to do some prodding to get him to do it. Was I let down? No way! His debut novel, which I have gushed all about on this website, is absolutely, hands-down as good or better than any other thriller writers on the market. He has a very visual style and end caps each chapter masterfully. You will all have a chance to check out his genius very soon when the book goes into pre-release in the coming weeks. And even better for all you authors who want to work with 3L Publishing, Roberts does book coaching. He's a total sweetheart to work with. And it's a rare day when he can carve out time to work with authors. He does it for the love of helping others, so contact me if you want the opportunity to work with him at 916-300-8012.

My favorite dessert -- Chocolate Decadence - Elephant Bar
All right, I can't talk about my favorite things without mentioning chocolate. All I'm going to say is Chocolate Decadence at Elephant Bar -- warm, rich, yummy and smooth. Love, love, love it! You will, too.

Friday, March 8, 2013

It's Blog-Day Friday

Well, the great, fantastic, I'm-over-the-moon news is: 3L Publishing is on fire. We are picking up new contracts and publishing agreements almost every day. I don't know what the recent turning point has been. I hope it's that the economy is picking up (for the collective hope of us all). Maybe it's all these scintillating blog posts attracting business in by the droves ;). Maybe it's all the ;) winks and smiles :). Maybe it's because my keyboard broke again ... hmm ... probably not that one. Or maybe it's because I use and combined my social media with over 3,000 connections to my blog to my website to my newsletter and back again. Maybe it's also because I'm on Facebook connecting, chatting and meeting new people every day. Maybe it's because I spend 40 percent of my day doing marketing and focusing on relationship building aka as networking. Maybe it's because I strive for excellence in all of the 3L products and services. Maybe it's also because I have one of the best (and loveliest) publishing teams in the business. Or maybe it's just because heck! We've not only survived but thrived during the Great Recession and we're all still standing!

Does all of that sound good to you? Are you ready to become an author or do you have a custom project you want published? Give us a call at 916-300-8012 or send an email to and let us help you make your writing dreams come true.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Why a Hybrid Publisher is Perfect for New Authors

The reality of traditional publishing today is that you either have to have a name or a great platform that you can prove a following to get published. New and emerging authors who have no track records or credibility typically get ignored by the big publishing houses. Many of these authors turn to my company 3L Publishing for help to get their feet in the door.

Why do you want to work with a company like 3L Publishing if you're seeking a "home" for your book and you're a new author? Here is why:

  • A hybrid like 3L that only publishes high-quality books and discerns between good and poorly written manuscripts (we act as a gatekeeper) doesn't carry the stigma of self-published outfits. With our reputation for only publishing often award-winning books, we give your book the necessary credibility with the book reviewers to receive fair and equitable reviews.
  • A relationship with 3L gives the author the much-needed opportunity to build that platform and foundation that can then segue to a future relationship with a traditional publisher.
  • Because authors pay for the service they consume, they receive much higher royalty rates, ranging from 35 to 100 percent (depending on the sales channel). These high royalties allow authors to see a rapid return on investment.
  • Authors who use their books to support businesses, see a much quicker and higher return on investment. The first day I released my book on publishing, Vanity Circus, I ran into an author, gave it to her and we formed an instant business relationship, which within a day repaid my investment AND made it profitable. 
  • A hybrid publisher like 3L gives authors EVERYTHING a traditional publisher would provide, such as distribution into bookstores via our highly reputable distributor Baker and Taylor. 
Does this sound like the deal you have been looking for to publish your book. Are you tried of hearing "no" versus "yes" when you query publishers? Turn your no into a yes. Contact us today at 916-300-8012 or send email to 

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Prediction: Vengeance is Now Will Become an Amazon Best-Seller

I love this photograph. I took it at Pebble Beach a couple of weeks ago. I love the beach, and you can never go wrong with a view of the ocean -- that is, in my oh-so-humble opinion.

So, we're in the middle of planning a major promotional tour for the forthcoming 3L Publishing book Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts. Last night, I finally finished the final proof of the book! It took a lot of long nights plugging away at the proof. I have to stick to billable work by day -- and this book was one of 3L Publishing's few acquisitions we do each year. I get asked how I distinguish between titles I will acquire versus titles I recommend use the hybrid publishing services.

I will explain how I make that determination. First, I typically receive a title that is somehow just extraordinary. A Feast at the Beach came to me from my old friend William Widmaier. I knew William was talented from having worked with him on screenplays. Even though the early version of the book had some flaws with chapter 1 that didn't think fit the tone of the book, I kept reading anyway, because I knew William had the talent chops. I typically can tell by chapter 1 and even the first five pages whether a book will "fail to launch," but loyalty and friendship prevailed so I kept reading. What I found so charmed and delighted me, I knew it would find its audience. So, I seized the day and made the investment.

In the case of Vengeance is Now, Scott D. Roberts and I have a personal friendship and professional association. I've read his screenplays. He helped me with the script for California Girl Chronicles. While he once eschewed the desire to write a novel in front of my writer's group, I thought better of his "protests". Roberts is someone that I think of as a male version of my talents. I write screenplays, too. And, of course, not to diminish my own skills, but I think Roberts talents are extraordinary. He is delightfully funny, too. So one day, it hit me that he should write a novel. I so believed in his talents that I was willing to take it a step further and acquire the work. He bounced around initial ideas, and then he developed the story that would become Vengeance is Now. I enjoyed the story development right from the beginning. When you edit authors' books, you get to crawl right up into their minds, which is an amazing ride into creativity and genius. Since we were friends, I found the experience to be very fascinating. The resulting work is incredibly constructed, well written, funny at often inappropriate times, erotic, mysterious, gruesome, and powerful. It is the BEST book in the 3L Publishing catalog. It has been an incredible and rewarding experience to help Roberts craft this book into the end product.

Vengeance is Now goes on pre-sale March 15th on the 3L website ( and forthcoming Vengeance is Now website. Mark my words, this will be an Amazon best-seller.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Get Your Kicks on Rte. 66 ... Facebook ;)

My fiancé Kirk Donnelly is new to the publishing world and the business of promotion. So he constantly marvels over the details of it all. Every now and then he makes observations that makes me chuckle. Well, yesterday was my "forever 35th birthday," and I received some 200+ birthday comments and well wishes on Facebook. He looks at all of the cards and best wishes, and says, "You just get all your thrills on social media." I started laughing. Then he says, "Why don't you post your book information and sell it via Facebook?" to which I didn't laugh and said I had done so. Then I thought, "Wow! I wish all of my followers had bought a copy of California Girl Chronicles." I could have sold 3,000 + copies on social media alone.

I am still learning the magic of social media for sure. It is definitely an important marketing and promotional tools, but the trick is to understand how to properly leverage the connections and "likes" and convert those into real sales. We are about to invest in a social media campaign to get more likes for the Vengeance is Now fan page. As I learn more about leveraging the marketing opportunities for this well-written new thriller, I will share with you. It's one thing to get lots of "likes," but it's quite another to convert "likes" into real sales. We will definitely try many marketing tricks, including take the book campaign on the road in mid-spring with a banner for the book and my company, 3L Publishing, plastered on the side of an RV. In my mind, this approach will be the grand experiment to see what happens when you put the "face time" in and sell a book at "sea level" right to your audience. Our first destination is the RT Book Lovers Convention being held in Kansas City ... stay tuned.

P.S. become a fan of Vengeance is Now by going to:

Friday, March 1, 2013

Jet Propulsion Power Book Launch

(L) Anita Smithson, author of chapter 1
of the 10 Powerful Women, and
Michelle Gamble, CEO, 3L
Publishing (
Last night we held yet another fabulous launch party of the latest 3L Publishing tome 10 Powerful Women, 10 Strategic Insights into Successful Business. The book launch was held at the elegant Terraces in Roseville, which donated food and wine. They also had an interesting concept with a meal in a glass aka as mashed potatoes with the fixings in a martini glass. I liked it because it was like eating an ice cream sundae while talking. You could easily hold your food and mingle (novel concept for sure). I always hate juggling cheese squares and crackers LOL. The turnout for the six author was amazing. I recognized many, many women entrepreneurs from the region who turned out to support these very savvy business women.

We want to thank the Terraces for hosting this incredible event, and we want to thank Tamara Williams, author of chapter 5, who used her acumen and event organizational skills to help us plan a lovely party to celebrate the party. Tamara is a maverick event planner and entrepreneur. She runs Domino Events ( She is also publishing her funny and unique book Topless in Europe this summer with my company 3L Publishing ( I've known Tamara for years. She's great and I highly recommend her services. If you would like a copy of 10 Powerful Women, you can purchase it on Amazon or at the 3L website at