Friday, December 28, 2012

"Word Me Up" Tonto

Okay, it's Friday -- and we'll call it "not-serious-day" ... because I am not in a serious mood. So, here we go "Ready to Ramble". All right so I think I should share some of the most common grammar and spelling mistakes I see perpetrated by the masses -- and I'm just itching to correct them. Since I can't correct a billboard, I guess I will just share here on my blog and hope the news spreads throughout the land ;).

Alright vs. All right -- it's not all right to be alright! Are you smiling yet. No, my friends alright is incorrect. I know this may shatter a glass house or two, but it's always "all right" ... all right?

Toward vs. towards -- guess which one? It's America, is it not? Yes, I believe I am blogging on American soil. British usage sanctions towards. American usage embraces toward. Fair enough! So given that I own an American publishing company ( ... plug), we will go for toward.

Backwards, Forwards, Upwards, Downwards vs. Backward, Forward, Upward, Downward -- please reference what I just said about toward vs. towards and pick up big clue numeral uno. So which do you know think is right? It's that usage thing again ... darn it. Let's drop the "s" and ding! Ding! Ding! You have your answer.

Its vs. It's -- It's is always it is ... see how easy that works. Now when you question which one, just put the two words together as "it is" and drop into the sentence. Does it work? If not, go with its. How handy, dandy is that one?

!!!!!!!! -- I am paying homage to fellow writer Scott D. Roberts who has wrestled the infamous exclamation point! and won! If you happen to work with Scott via my company, I have a piece of sound advice: Don't use too many of these things!!!!! In fact, don't use it at all. As Elaine in Seinfeld advised us all not to use the dreaded ! Use exclamation points only to make a rare, emphatic point. Too many of them "desensitizes" the point LOL.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Three Things Every Business Owner Should be Doing

No, there are no magic elixirs or formulas for instant business success. The Blue Fairy won't make your business a "real" business with a wave of the wand nor will the evil witch change your fate with a potion (can you tell I've been watching too much Disney over the holiday break?). BUT I have some great news. You don't need wands or potions to be successful in business. I've been a business owner for seven years, and here is what I've learned over the years and what I know works in business. Here are three things every business owner should be doing to create a profitable, successful business.

No. #1 -- Networking. Do you remember in college when your professor told you to go out and network and you thought, "Oh no! I would rather spend the evening in the frat house." The idea of going out and meeting strangers sounded about as exciting as a root canal. Well, reality is you have to network to be successful in business. You have to shake stranger's hands, engage in often boring small talk, and eat the rubber chicken. Without networking and the resulting relationship building, you won't be able to build a strong, thriving business.

No. #2 -- Social Media, which in a sense is another form of networking. Today social media is absolutely necessary to making and maintaining strong connections. I can't tell you how many connections I've made on social media and specifically Facebook that helped my business in some way. In fact, I even recently connected with a woman on social media who introduced me to another woman who offered her venue free of charge for some book launches. Social media is no longer that "new whatever" marketing device. It is absolutely the future of networking and business, and it would be foolish to ignore if you have done so.

No. #3 -- Blogging. Blogging and/or Blog Talk Radio are two exceptional ways to keep your business out in front of the public. My blog has pulled in some business and a lot of queries and questions. I mostly look at, though, as a method of exposure, meaning keeping my name out there and building an audience for my products and services. Now I recognize that many of you are not writers, and the idea of blogging on a daily basis is overwhelming. The best way to overcome your barriers? Hire a writer to blog on your behalf. In fact, we offer blogging services, so feel free to call us at 916-300-8012 or email us at

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Things I Learned in 2012

Meaningless or important -- you be the judge LOL ... here are the things I learned in 2012. I will either make you laugh, roll your eyes, or agree with me. Here we go:

1. When you move twice expect your stuff to magically disappear with no clear explanation of where it went ... did it get dropped? Did the fairies swoop in and move it to nowhere land? Did the movers steal it? Aw the questions are endless. I am most specifically curious what happened to my favorite leather jacket! It is missed in the cold weather.

2. When you get divorced, expect your ex to annoy you somehow. My annoyance? Taking all of my jackets to the Salvation Army. Yep! I had quite a collection. There are now some poor people with a beautiful INC leather, full-length coat. Oh, I miss it!

3. Dating in your forties is way better than your twenties. The confidence alone makes a whole difference. I had more dates than I knew what to do with. And it was fun ... for a while; but then you know I'm really like a wolf. I like to be with just one guy. So, in the end I thought I would stay single much longer. Nope! I met my match. Expect big news in 2013.

4. Never make knee-jerk decisions. I regret moving to Marina del Rey. I like to say I went on walk about, but truly it cost me a whole lot of money, and in the end, I was not meant to live in Southern California. So, I moved back ... AND I lost more stuff. Ah, you always have to laugh. Maybe it was the Universe's way of purging my closet LOL.

5. Here is the big one ... the lesson learned around the world. Are you ready? It's OK to cry. Yes, friends and readers, crying works great. I didn't cry a whole lot for years. I made up for it this year. And you know what? I'm still standing. I'm happy. And every now and again, I still cry ;).

Friday, December 21, 2012

Happy Holidays!

My blog will be shut down for the holidays! Yes, I do believe in downtime LOL. So, please enjoy the season with your friends and family. I resume posting on the 26th! I hope all my loyal readers enjoy reading the older posts. I've had quite a year evidenced by what I've posted, but the good news is my life and company are on track and poised for great things in 2013! I hope you all have a fantastic Christmas.

Best Wishes to You All! 
3L Publishing (

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Editor's Job on a Manuscript

I had this discussion with one of our authors yesterday. Some people mistake the editor's role on a book to be solely about finding the grammatical mistakes. On a fiction book, the editor's job is not just making sure all the grammar and usage is correct -- that is only one part of it. A story editor is looking at the entire picture. A good story editor does the following:

Character development -- are the characters consistently written. Do their voices stay the same throughout the book. Did the author build real, vivid individuals who can be easily identified in the story?

Story development -- does the story make sense. Is it being properly told with a beginning, middle and end? Are all the plots and subplots wrapped up? Does it all make sense?

Holes and consistency -- are there any unanswered questions? Are their holes in the story? Are their inconsistencies? Are all of the references the same throughout the book? Are the names correct and in the right place at the right time?

Here at 3L Publishing, we not only provide editorial services and proof reading, but we do book coaching and story editing. If you would like to talk us about our current SALES and SPECIALS, contact us at 916-300-8012 or send an email to

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

Having trouble getting your creative spark lit? I have trouble all of the time. Yes, I'm super prolific and I write every single day. I have to write this blog every day, too. Do I make it look effortless? Well, sometimes I start with nothing. I got nothing! Today ... I got nothing except last night's weird dreams to fuel my ideas. Yes, I had a super weird dream, something about a story about animals and my fellow writing friend's desk. The manuscript was sitting on his desk, and it was a song ... all right what is my point? I don't have a point LOL, but I do have some great tips to kickstart your creativity if you're having writer's block.

Let a title define your project. The title of my book California Girl Chronicles came to me first. I actually built the story around the title. For some writers this would be backward, but for me it worked.

Just start writing from an unconscious level. Just sit down at your desk and let your fingers type and see where it leads. You will be surprised where things go. You might just end up with an entire novel a few weeks later.

Do an outline and then fill in the blanks. Sometimes just putting together an outline provides those necessary "signposts" to guide you forward or even inspire you.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Things I Learned Dating in my 40s

The dating advice I keep posting on this blog is moving up our most-read items. Okay, so how I got positioned as an expert on dating is kind of funny. It seems we have some love lorn out there in need of a few tips and tricks. Well, I have learned some great insight into human behavior and dating that has worked very well for me. Of course, I am not suggesting I have always done the right things. I have definitely tripped and fallen with egg on my face and a few other trite cliches I could add to that sentence LOL. But before I give you some great tips, I must credit Bo Bradley, who is also my life coach and operations manager. She was constantly in the wings advising me carefully on what to do. Some of these tips are mine, some are hers, and some are just widely adopted and known by the experts of amazing books like Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus (great book, BTW).

The man cave -- yep! The guys use it. My beloved boyfriend Kirk Donnelly denies use of the man cave. I only laughed at him and said, "Yes, that is why you need your alone time. No, you don't need a man cave." Okay, ladies when your guy goes into his cave, don't freak out. It's A-okay! Men will withdraw to think and as the book Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus aptly suggests, they will emerge and give you even more intimacy than before. Now the trick? Don't sit outside of their cave and ask, "Honey why are you in there?" "When are you coming out?" Ladies just get on with your day. Let him "cave" it in peace. And when he's ready he will re-emerge with more love than ever -- problem solved. I promise you it's all true.

Men need to chase. Bo constantly told me this one. Don't get all "feminine mystique" on me here. It's true. Men need to chase the women. It's a basic primal thing with the guys -- and that's okay. Get over yourself and let your guy go after with you with the club (just kidding). I have always had a basic rule about certain things. I'll give you an example and it's really, really simple: I don't start our text conversations with my guy. I adopted a rule in this new text age that I would not be the one (much like calling) to text first. As a result, my love starts every single morning with a beautiful text message to me. In fact, he is my alarm clock. I always know that somewhere between 8:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. he will reliably text me a nice wake-up message. Have I told him my rule? Well,  not at first. I let him begin the "chase" on his own. By now I would imagine he knows. Does it put him in charge of our relationship? Yes, it sure does. Does he like to feel like he's the pursuer? Probably. So girls, my simple rule is really easy and great. You should adopt it.

Keeping it in the bedroom. Ever heard of a "fuck buddy"? Any guy who doesn't officially date you but invites you over to his house all of the time, I have some really bad news for you: you're his fuck buddy. I know it's profane but true. Do not fall into the habit of going over to your guy's house. Make him actually DATE you, which means things like ... oh, dinner and a movie. You know the old-fashioned idea of courtship. Unless, of course, all you want is a bedroom romp that is fine; but if you want a relationship best to take it out of the bedroom.

Now here is a basic list of things NOT to do or recognize:

  • Do not argue or discuss heavy stuff in text -- horrible communication tool.
  • If your guy EVER uses the excuse that goes like this: "I'm super private" as a way to avoid publicly acknowledging your relationship RUN. I've had two men in my life pull that one and guess what? They BOTH had other relationships, and I was the "secret" they didn't want their mates to find out about. I promise you girls that any guy who "hides" you under that lame excuse is hiding you for a really good reason. He's in ANOTHER relationship!!! 
  • If you guy doesn't show up for dates or constantly has an excuse to stand you up -- RUN! He's (as the movie suggests) "just not that into you" OR he has another "main squeeze" on the side. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

Vengeance is Now: Excerpt Chapter 1

The following is an excerpt from the forthcoming 3L Publishing book Vengeance is Now by Scott D. Roberts. If you would like to learn more about the book, become a fan on Facebook or send an email to Pre-sales begin in January and the official release is April 2013.

Chapter 1

                  You’ve never really lived until you’ve seen the life leave another human being.  That’s what I wish I would have told my narcissistic Aunt and Uncle whenever they came by my mother’s apartment in the ‘Loin. “Slumming in the ‘Loin” is what I’d called it. They’d only come by to brag about their latest extravagant vacation.  I was only 10 at the time, though.  You’ve never really lived until you’ve seen the Eifel Tower.  You’ve never really lived until you’ve taken a helicopter ride along the coast of Hawaii.  My mother was ill most of my childhood.  Not ill as in cancer or a debilitating disease like multiple sclerosis.  She was sick in the head.  She did the best she could for my sister and me while dealing with her bi-polar outbursts and her schizophrenia.  My father had left us the year prior.  Not that he was a stabilizing force in our lives.  His idea of being a father meant thanking us for fetching him the glass pipe.  And her pompous fuck of a brother and his whore wife had the audacity to rub their good fortune in our faces.  Almost dangling the hint of a happy childhood in front of us – and then snatching it away at the last second.  If I only knew at 10 years old what I know now.
                  Mother always told us to relish in their stories and use our imaginations to fly away and pretend we were actually there.  It must have been easier for her considering the amount of medications she’d ingest on a daily basis.  My sister, Libby, who was eight at the time, took great pride in knowing when to distribute her pills. She wanted to make sure and have them ready before the alarm went off reminding Mother it was time for her medication. 
                  Libby was such a sweet girl until she was raped.  One of Mother’s doped-up boyfriends, Doug, felt he wasn’t receiving enough attention from Mother so he forced the attention from Libby.  I witnessed most of the assaults from Libby’s closet and burned with rage – a rage I didn’t know how to manage.  I’ll never forget the blank expression on her face when he would pull her panties down.  Her eyes became vacant as if she purposely left her body to escape the realization of what was happening.  Her vacant stare.  If I only knew then what I know now.  The closet is the only place I feel I can collect my thoughts and pretend the life I was forced into wasn’t real. I stole grease paint from a construction site and painted a giant eye in the back of the closet. It was the only time I could feel noticed and appreciated. I had to figure out a better way for that attention. National attention. You’ve never really lived until you’ve seen the sunset in Spain.
                  They weren’t so pompous with their hands and feet tied up.  They weren’t so eager to brag about their lives while being stripped naked.  I always knew my aunt had a great set of tits.  Her nipples were inviting and my mouth watered, but this wasn’t about that.
                  “Why are y-you do-doing this?” she asked with a frightened stutter.
                  Uncle James was coming out of the baseball-bat-induced daze I gave him when I knocked him to the ground.  I placed the plastic bag over his head and watched him struggle. Aunt Melanie panicked when she fully realized they were going to meet their maker; whoever that was.  His eyes fluttered and his chest released the last gasp of air.
                  “Open your eyes, fucker!” I yelled.
                  He convulsed before the gurgling sounds ended. Yes! No more vacations for you! Why didn’t I do it eight years ago when I was 10? Then I could have seen the joy in Mother when I told her they were dead. My buddy Meyers would have loved it!
                  I turned my attention to my aunt who sobbed uncontrollably or as best she could with a gag in her mouth.  The adrenaline in my body was intoxicating. Unlike her pussy of a husband who closed his eyes, this bitch was going to see me kill her.  I saw the small box cutter sitting on the table and grabbed it. She had lost consciousness from the shock. This should wake her up.
                  I pulled the skin from her eyelid down and placed the razor just below her eyebrow and began the incision. How much pressure will it take to slice off an eyelid?  My inexperience made for an uneven slice.  I’m so much better at it now.  The sting from the carving woke her up but she was still powerless.  A very carnal moan permeated from deep inside her.  After the second eyelid was intricately sliced off, I wiped the blood away with her blouse. I chuckled at the fact that the elasticity of her skin reminded me of peeling off one of those fruit roll-ups.  Mother used to give those as treats when Libby and I first started school. 
                  I placed the plastic bag over her face and squeezed at the base of her neck.  She was resigned to her fate. You could almost hear the fear in her eyes. She took her last labored breath and her chest was still. Oh, the vacant stare. Yes, you’ve never really lived until you’ve seen the life leave another human being…

Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Morning Musings or Reality Check

Friday morning musings really translates to I don't know what to blog about today LOL. Usually when I don't know what to blather about on the blog, I just start writing and see what comes out of my mouth. Oh! Here is a good one: It doesn't matter ... what doesn't matter? Here is my list of things I don't think anyone should ever fuss about (aka who cares ... or reality check) and it goes like this:

1. How many millimeters from the text is from the gutter in a book. Yes, an author once fussed over that one!
2. Asking me to verify that I really did spend those 2 hours on a project that in reality would have taken most people three times that amount to do ... yet you're worried I really did spend a whopping 2 hours on it. This one falls under the category of "reality check".
3. Getting a bargain-basement quote on publishing services (you know it's a deal) and yet still asking, "Can I get another discount?" Or the other favorite: "Wow! That's still expensive." This one falls under "reality check," too.
4. "Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot to pay you." Who 'forgets' to pay someone? More like I didn't have the money to pay you. I mean last I checked, if I 'forget' to pay SMUD or my car payment or my rent or whatever, I get my credit dinged and a nasty collection notice. No such thing as forgetting to pay bills ... I'm just saying.

All right all you entrepreneurs out there, I hope this made you smile. Believe it or not, I have been in business now almost 7 years, and I've heard it all.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dress for Success

We attended a networking function where there was an image consultant talking about (what else) -- image. I listened attentively and agreed with most of it. Although I don't think a suit is always the item to project the perfect image. For me in my business, I deliberately avoid business suits, because I want to project an image of fun and creativity, which is something in her speech she missed. Just like in the IT world where a "look" got adopted, the same can be said of other industries. I'm not running a staid corporation. I want my image to reflect my brand, and that is something she didn't recognize. My 3L Publishing brand projects fun, creativity, art and intellectual capital. You will never see me out on the networking scene wearing a suit. I dress fun, interesting and different with a sexy, flirty flair. But no matter how you dress two things are ALWAYS critical to project success: you shoes and handbag. Saying you're a success and then wearing worn-out, Payless Show Source shoes and a ratty handbag ... um NO! Pay attention to those details. Believe me other people notice. And shoes and purse -- dead giveaways that maybe you're not quite as successful as you suggest ... OR you have bad taste LOL ... or not taste at all ;).

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Stupid Guy's Guide to Finding and Keeping A Woman

So Bo Bradley, 3L Publishing's operations manager, and I are working on the book 20 Reasons not to Date THAT Guy, which we want to publish for Valentine's Day 2014. In the meantime, my astute and non-romantically challenged boyfriend Kirk Donnelly, who initially gave me the idea for the first book, declared he wanted to write the male version to help those hapless guys out there. His version has the working title The Stupid Guy's Guide to Finding and Keeping a Woman. So, he sat down over the weekend while we were eating and began his tentative table of contents. He came up with 11 things (so far), and I thought it would be great to share it with you all. Here it goes (and for the record, Mr. Donnelly practices what he preaches, which is why he got me LOL).

  1. Keep your woman happy -- it's your job!
  2. Listen to her, don't judge or solve
  3. Do what you say you're going to do in a timely manner
  4. Be a man of your word -- respect is imperative
  5. Spend time with her -- date her; spend time even with her kids -- or someone else will ...
  6. Find out what makes her feel loved and do it
  7. Don't control or manage her -- be supportive and give her space and freedom
  8. Don't criticize her -- praise her
  9. Love her how she is ...
  10. Always give her, her "cookies" first then yours :) and we ALL know what our cookies are ;). 
There you go! The sage wisdom of my spectacular boyfriend and lover!! And for the record, Kirk began dating me when I had three other relationships in the wings ... and guess who won LOL! Why? Look carefully at that list -- there is your answer.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Two Tips for Writing Fiction

We do book coaching here at 3L Publishing. We see manuscripts in the early stages, and we see common mistakes. Here are some of the most common.

Exposition and storytelling via dialog. Have you ever heard the phrase show don't tell? New writers often use dialog to tell their stories vs. telling the story. They will give their characters paragraph-long speeches. How often do you talk to someone in paragraphs? I would suggest most conversations go back and forth -- that is a more natural flow. And it's far more compelling and interesting to read the story told via narrative not dialog.

Formalism in dialog. These days have you ever heard a generic conversation sound formal? Probably not. Most people use idioms, slang and colloquial expressions. If you are telling a story about certain age groups of people, go out and listen to how those people really talk to each other. Use dialog to develop your characters and show who they are; don't use it as a storytelling device, but rather a part of the story.

Want a great book coach? Contact us at 3L Publishing at 916-300-8012 or send an email to 

Friday, December 7, 2012

Texting is No Place to have a Serious Discussion

Okay, I have to start off with an astute observation made by wonderful boyfriend Kirk Donnelly who whispers all sorts of sage wisdom in my ear. One day we were bantering back and forth in text and the discussion took a serious turn. 

Suddenly, my phone rings and Kirk says, "Why the heck are we having a serious discussion in text?" 

I started laughing. "I don't know sweetheart, why are we?" 

"Text is no place to have a serious discussion, sweetie." LOL ... 

And words to live by ... TEXTING is no place to have a serious discussion whether personally or professionally

We are a strange techno society indeed. What is up with people using text to discuss important matters? I had a relationship where the person never picked up the phone and all the heavy stuff went down in text. First, text and email are cold media -- no voice, no inflection, no tone, and no idea of the true intent or emotions behind it. The only upside, you can give a little more thought to what you're going to say. The downside, it's cold communication and it's super, super impersonal. 

Also another important piece of information for singles: it's super easy for a guy or girl to cheat on his/her significant other by using text. No one hears anyone talking so eavesdropping doesn't take place. You can say "it's my daughter" when it's really your significant other. And if you're not particularly nosy or interested in looking at the person's phone (because you respect his/her privacy), the lie can easily pass unnoticed. Also, it's pretty darned easy to erase the text history to hide your conversations. So just realize that texting is great on one hand: quick and efficient messages. Downside: cold, impersonal and easy to hide things. 

I love you baby ;) -- and ya all should listen to my boyfriend. 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Important Relationship Lessons

If there is anything I know is this: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the kiss of death when those behaviors killed your relationship and you expect them not to affect a new relationship. It's like the suggestion of doing something the same but expecting different results. When in a new relationship, use your old relationship as your instruction guide of what not to do again. Here are some fabulous tips to help create strong bonds with your significant other versus tear apart something that starts out strong and soon disintegrates. Now mind you I'm not a psychologist or counselor, but I am a student of life.

TV killed the Love Stars. How many of you out there come home from work, sit down, and watch TV all evening vs. talking to your partner? How many of you actually eat dinner in front of the TV? There is absolutely nothing wrong with a little TV here and there; but when the television becomes the focal point of entertainment in your relationship vs. conversation and connection, it's not good. The TV requires very little thought and leaves two people sitting in the same room, saying nothing to each other. I don't watch but one hour of TV a week. In fact, the TV is only on in my house when my kids are here. I don't watch it anymore but maybe a show on Sunday night. I even quit watching movies all of the time. Now I'm either reading or connecting with my loved ones. And when my boyfriend is here, we don't watch anything ... we talk about our days. Here is a tip: vow to turn off the TV at least 3 days a week (if you're truly addicted) and do something else.

The couple that plays together stays together. The other activity we've take up is simple: interaction. We play cards and games so we can talk as we play. It's cheap entertainment and we're together and listening versus tuning out the world. It's also fun. Here is a suggestion: get a glass of wine and play a board or card game. It's a big winner. When it's winter time, this activity is great to pass the time. We also like doing the same things, so we shop, travel and ski together (well, we haven't gotten to ski yet, but that is the plan).

Here is the bottom line: I thought this all through. I find that when I make conscious choices to make positive changes, I'm not knee-jerking my way through life. When I reflected on things in my past relationship that didn't bond us but rather put up walls of disconnect, I decided I wouldn't repeat those mistakes. When you take charge of your life and don't let unconscious thinking rule the day, you will be way better off. I'm in the best relationship of my life, because I've made conscious decisions to make changes in the right direction. I know a lot of you will view my suggestion to turn off the TV as "impossible" as Americans are notorious TV watchers. But I would be okay to get rid of my TV at this point. I even have friends who don't watch any TV at all. What do they do? What I just described, and they have been happily married a very long time.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

How to Amuse Your Publisher

I have situations arise all of the time where I am just amused. Now I have to admit most authors who do these things are doing so in pure innocence and lack of knowledge, which of course, I am aware ... but none the less, it still entertains me. You always have to keep your sense of humor in this business. So, here are two things I find infinitely amusing.

The hand-drawn, homemade illustration. Many children's authors make this mistake. As a part of their pitch, they will whip out the homemade drawing their kids produced and say how cute it would be to use their kid's work in their professional children's book. All right, that's cute ... okay ... BUT it's a far cry from "professional" and while you may be astounded by your little Suzie's talents (and perhaps little Suzie is a master hand at the Crayolas), but you're not alone in your "cute" idea. In fact, it's a common idea among many new children's book writers who don't know any better. If you want to be taken seriously as a professional children's book writer better use true professional illustrations lest you lost credibility.

Read-my-whole book syndrome. Another common mistake is that some authors will expect I am going to read the entire book versus just a sample chapter. In fact, it's a near demand. All right so here is reality check 101: Do you know how much work I have to do during the day? Do you know how many submissions we receive? Do you know how long it takes to read your 250-page tome? I will NEVER read an entire book, especially if it's not very good. I have enough time to read a sample chapter. Let me also note, I can literally tell by page 5 if your book has potential anyway. I know you're shocked but it's true. Any professional reader can tell almost instantly if a book has any potential. So, if you get your panties all twisted up when you hear I won't be dedicating my free time to reading your WHOLE book, please untwist those knickers. No publisher will read your WHOLE book and please realize the request is unreasonable.

NOW if you want us to read a sample chapter and you're ready to work with my company 3L Publishing (, we are running an INCREDIBLE holiday special. Please send your sample chapter and book summary to or call 916-300-8012.

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Two Tips for Writers or Take a Stress Pill and Think Things Over

You're an aspiring writer. You already write, but you want to improve. You just didn't know what I'm about to share LOL ... okay, all qualifiers done now. Here are three tips to improve your writing.

Words, words, everywhere too many so let's spare the air (see I'm feeling humorous today). Wordiness! Wordiness bogs down your work. Wordiness makes your sentences longer. And wordiness makes your editor have to bring out a major chainsaw to hack your work down to the message. Here is an absolutely fantastic exercise. Take a paragraph from one of your works. Look at how many words could be easily deleted. Delete them. Now repeat. Keep going until you have only the "bones" of the sentence left. Now read it. How much easier is that to understand? The biggest offenders tend to be too many adjectives and adverbs.

Dialog or Shakespeare. I see so many writers who write their characters' dialog like it's a Shakespearian play. The formalism makes it sound like an orator's great speech to the masses. I ask you, do your friends talk in formal speech? Probably not! Most likely your friends say things like, "Hey girly, how ya doin'?" or "Dude, what's up?" They don't say, "Hello Martha, how are you doing on this fine Tuesday morning?" Almost sounds a little like Hal from a Space Odyssey. "Look Dave, I can see you're really upset about this. I honestly think you ought to sit down calmly, take a stress pill, and think things over." I love that ... take a stress pill, Dave (LOL).

Maybe I need a stress pill -- I have a boat load of work to do ... so off I go. You only get two tips when I'm this busy. Ciao to all my blogger fans.