Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Reviewers are Saying About Grains of Truth

Overall, I really liked this book. I am really glad I got the chance to read it. Not many books unnerve me with their words, but this one did. I look forward to reading more of Ferry-Perata’s books in the future. ~ Jessyca Garcia, Reader's Choice

It will tug at your heart strings, and keep pulling you back in. A great read. Wonderfully, beautifully written story. ~ Amy's Bookshelf

This is a beautifully written book about the bounds of friendship ... Great story, great characters and an unbelievable twist at the end. Read this book! ~ Imaskeptic 

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Grains of Truth takes readers into the lives of two best friends, Sarah and Zoe. Each woman has experienced heartbreak and betrayal in their quests for love. Their lives center on the happenings at the local feed store where each woman works. The store is managed by the affable and caring, Tom who is the only male heir to the chain owned by patriarch Otis. Otis, a larger-than-life personality, has decided his son’s future – meanwhile, Tom has fallen for the “feed store” girl Sarah, and this creates a huge family scandal.

As the scandal erupts into tragedy, Sarah relies on her best friend Zoe for support and comfort. The women lean on each other, as each face many challenges. Zoe’s own romantic history is checkered by bad relationships and a failed marriage that resulted in her son Derek. She too has fallen for the local town doctor and struggles with the idea of a serious relationship after so much personal heartbreak.

Grains of Truth examines deeper realities about love, friendship and loss. Buried within the subtext are questions about how to get through difficult situations and overcome tragedy. It begs questions about how to manage grief and accept life as it comes. It’s also about receiving and trusting love and also learning to let go.