Monday, April 30, 2012

The Art of Transition, Peace and Healing

Who likes change? Most people shy away from change, and for good reason. It can feel nebulous and scary. I've been going through a number of changes. I've felt really off-balance most of the time. I started to pull inward (and to my friends who noticed, sorry it's not personal). Pulling inward has a lot to do with personal healing. Expending energy outside of myself, became difficult. I had to pull in toward my reserves, meditate, ground and find my center. I had some amazing spiritual revelations over the weekend. And when I say amazing, I really mean mind-boggling. I won't say specifically what those were other than they are personal and profound. I did come to this point in the road where the word "unconditional" resonated. In healing myself, I realized that to be connected to the outer world again, I need to learn not to put "conditions" on things, not to place expectations, and certainly not to demand. And when I say this, I mean not just on other people, but on myself. In doing this, it's very, very freeing. It allows you to soar, glide, and catch a draft to rise.

I am sharing this information, because I hope you learn from what I am saying. I'm about sharing to help others reach higher understandings as well. So, while my "mind" might want me to plunge right in and hedonistically roll in the mental mud; my higher being and connection to the divine has served a higher purpose. I have cleared the muck. I have begun to meditate again. And in my meditation found clarity, peace and understanding. I am fortunate that I am able to do these things, and I have the knowledge to plug into. And there is a special someone out there who has supported me throughout this transition whether this person realizes it or not. I am blessed to have this person in my life. I am grateful to this person for hanging in there through the rough edges. And now I am going to give back all of the same support, encouragement, and applause! This person knows who they are. I thank you! With gratitude!

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