Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pirates and Cowboys and Vampires!

That's one crazy pirate!
Once more reporting from the floor of the last day of the RT Booklovers Convention. The big book fair with the likes of mega author stars like Charlaine Harris, my favorite book series Sookie Stackhouse, and Anne Rice among others are here signing today. Also, among the crowd of interesting characters, we have a pirate running around posing for pictures. Since I could barely look at him without cracking up, I couldn't bring myself to pose, but I did snap off this funny shot (enjoy). Other crazy characters are running around, too, and there are over 600 attendees running around. We are hoping to get at least 20% of these readers to purchase my book California Girl Chronicles so we come home empty handed. I would also go get the new Charlaine Harris book except I would have to stand in line with like 200 people, and I'm just not quite devoted enough. Although it would be great to have her new book to read on the plane ride home. I am also excited that Pen and Muse just ran a positive review of my book, too, and Fresh Fiction is interested. Tomorrow back to home base, and I'm sorry to say, but no more funny observations of outrageous characters.

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