Monday, April 16, 2012

Girls ... a Whole lot of Unhappy Girls!

I watched Girls last night on HBO with high hopes. It was positioned as the new Sex in the City series about four girls living in New York. The reviews were great! I thought, "Finally! A new Sunday night show for my viewing pleasure!" Well, I am sad to say that I found Girls a moping, depressing, self-entitled mess. The jokes weren't funny. The main character Hannah, a slightly overweight moping case of the millennial generation, was just everything I described. She debases herself with her loser boyfriend who doesn't text her or call her for that matter. She just drops in on him, and he then proceeds to eventually demoralize her in a bad sex position that looked terribly unsexy. If she was enjoying anything, it sure didn't come across that way. She talks a lot and spends most of the episode sort of everyone's dumping ground except for her roommate which she has an odd intimacy with down to the two of them in the bathroom together and even sleeping in the same bed like two cuddled-up lovers. I have a lifetime best friend, and we have never just showered together or slept all curled up together (I reserve that intimacy for my lovers thank you). I know it was supposed to be funny. It wasn't funny at all. I didn't crack a single smile. I did feel highly annoyed listening to these sad sacks talk. Sorry HBO Girls is definitely NOT Sex in the City. It could be described more like Unsexy in the City with No Money and Plenty of Self-Entitlement.

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