Friday, April 13, 2012

From Swinging to Multiple Marriages ... All in a Day's Casual Conversation

I am once more reporting from the RT Booklovers Convention floor, and people openly and freely talk all around me. Here are two classic lines overheard in a really loud conversation. "I have always married older men," and "We were out with a bunch of swingers." I am telling you friends, I am so vanilla wafer, and as Bo now says, "VW". Since when is it commonplace to discuss multiple marriages and swinging like I said yesterday it's what you ate for breakfast? And since it is breakfast time here in Chicago, this was their actual breakfast conversation. I don't know whether I'm shocked that they said it all blase or that they discussed it in their booth space ... loudly. Whatever happened to boundaries or just why are we talking about such personal information so out in the open? I am just saying ... totally VW. And here I thought that being a somewhat liberal Californian that I was adventurous and fun. Hmm ... maybe not so much. And these people are from the "Bible Belt" and there you go. Now for some good news, my book California Girl Chronicles got a great review from Pen and Muse. Right now you can find the abbreviated version on Amazon.

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