Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Stop Acting Your Age - Fountain of Youth Discovered

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE            January 1, 2018

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Groundbreaking new book shares incredible secrets to keep senior citizens acting, feeling and looking younger – all without cosmetic surgery or enhancements.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.—For centuries we’ve pursued the proverbial Fountain of Youth. Youth is treasured in our culture. The desire to maintain youth has created a multi-billion industry in cosmetic surgery, anti-wrinkle and skin creams, vitamin regimes, and any number of treatments all promising to keep wrinkles, sagging skin, and any host of age-related illness at bay. What if all of these things weren’t really the answers at all? What if the real answer to looking, feeling and acting younger had nothing to do with the latest plastic surgery technique? What if the “secret” to unlocking the key of eternal youth came from within? In the new book Stop Acting Your Age by Thom McFadden, he reveals breakthrough new ideas about aging, which promise to help all seniors look, act and feel 10 to 15 years younger.

In the book, McFadden explains why he wrote the book. “‘How often have you heard a senior described as a “grumpy old fart”?” asked Thom McFadden in Stop Acting Your Age. Well that was happening to me. People thought I wasn’t cool anymore. I wasn’t asked to the parties. The older I got the more invisible I became. People weren’t seeing me or hearing what I had to say any longer. I could have walked into a bank and robbed it and no one would have seen me. That’s when I decided to turn it around.”

McFadden who is known as the “Acting Coach to the Stars” and has spent decades working as an actor realized he could apply his knowledge and experience to create a unique system to help people look, act and feel 10 to 15 years younger.  “I wrote this book because after acting and training actors to perform many roles, including younger than their ages, I decided why not apply this to real people. Many of these actors got great accolades for the roles they played so I thought people in real life could live roles that would be more fulfilling for them. Here is how I did it (and you can too). By going into my actor’s sense memory toolbox and creating a well-rounded, fully dimensional character.”

Using this methodology as the basis for his program, Thom reveals in Stop Acting Your Age age-defying secrets to help seniors:
·      Learn how to live more fully in the present
·      Act on the most meaningful and important things to you in your life NOW
·      Use the “3 Magic Well-Beings” to get as healthy and vigorous today as you were as a youngster
·      Change your mindset from “striving” to “playing” because life should be FUN
·      Learn the power of being a “Social Mixer” and finding your happy place

Stop Acting Your Age is available in pre-sales for print on 3L Publishing’s website (www.3LPublishing.com), Lifestand (www.lifestand.com), and Amazon. It will be available in January 2018 in eBook for Kindle, Nook and iBook (Apple).

Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.” – Henry Ford

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tips to Overcome Writer's Block

If you're struggling with getting your novel out of your head or even finishing it, here are some tips to get your fingers tapping on that keyboard again.

Just do it - sounds like a Nike commercial. Just do this... well, just putting something into action helps create what? A verb called doing! Even if you don't know what you're going to write, grab your cup of Joe, plant your bum in the chair, prepare your hands, and start typing. Just write whatever comes to mind. Let your imagination run wild. You will be surprised if all of a sudden all of that so-called random rambling turns into a real story!

Eight pages a day keeps your novel on its way - yes! Give yourself a page count goal. Stephen King has one - eight pages. He writes eight whole pages and then goes to do what he wants for the day. I'm sure he writes more if he's so inclined, but setting a goal is always good. So, set up your daily page count and make the goal before you move on. I personally write an entire chapter before I leave the keyboard. I like the beginning, middle and end (chapters all are mini-stories with beginnings, middles and ends).

Page count doesn't work for you then set a time of day. If you have a day job, which most of my readers have day jobs, then set a wake-up call for writing before work or an end-of-the-day time slot (maybe when the kids have gone to bed). I tend to write my novels in the evenings after I've served my 3L clients. However, I am the publisher so I give myself permission to write my own novels in-between client work. I do remind myself I am "working" and I am the boss of my own time. If I'm on a roll then I carve out some novel-writing time reserved just for my own book.

A writing coach gives you accountability - so hire me LOL! Sometimes you just need someone to ask you, "So... where is chapter 1?" I like to be gentle and nudge (after all you're paying me to help you not torture you). Accountability is something we all sometimes need. I also like to have my friends read chapters as I write them. When they start begging for more pages, it excites and inspires me to do more. A book coach though is a trained professional to help you keep your project moving forward and not stagnating. Also, if this is your first book, a writing coach can get the very best work out of you so you don't spin your wheels. Wouldn't it be cool to win an award on your first book? Well, my first book won a lot of awards. I can help your first book shine bright, too.

So there you go - four super useful tips to get that novel out of your head and onto paper!

If you would like to hire me to coach your book out of your head and onto the page, please send me an email at info@3LPublishing.com.

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

How to Write a Press Release for Books

Today for the do-it-yourself-ers, I thought I would give you a brief tutorial on press release writing. My bachelor's degree is in Public Relations. I remember taking the media class and learning the basic rules of press release writing. Any class at that time that indulged my love of writing was always a winner - whether press releases or essays. So, I'm going to take you through each part.
Press releases require a standard format. It's the same every time and it looks like this (just replace with your info) for the HEADER:
Brief summary goes here
Location, State-beginning of the lead paragraph.
Your press release header should look EXACTLY like this sample header. What is a newsworthy headline? Let's start with that topic.
A new book announcement is about as newsworthy as "green grass grows in my yard." Yeah, well everyone's yard has grass (mostly). So the news editor is going to do what with a press release with that headline? Be as interested as watching said grass actually grow.
*That is the headline we're using for DB Stearns' new book Children of the Guardians. I'm going to continue to use examples from his press kit.
What do I want you to notice about that headline? Please notice two important things: no mention of something like "new" or "book". The idea is to come up with an interesting headline to make the editors stop and wonder: "Huh, what's that about." And then the goal is to get them to read the summary, where NOW you're allowed to say it's a book (if you so desire).
NOT NEWSWORTHY SUMMARY: New book released to positive reviews.
NEWSWORTHY SUMMARY: Journey into the fantastic sci-fi experience of the new book Children of the Guardians, the second book in the Harmonic Wars series.
Again, no one cares about a new book release. Sorry, the editors read pitches all day long. If they are a book review editor I can assure you they've read that tired, old pitch "new book" or "new product" thousands of times. In fact, the editor of the San Francisco Book Review told me they receive over 1,000 new books a MONTH. They can only feature so many per issue of their magazine. Now imagine that you're one of the thousand authors/publicists pitching yet another new book! You have to figure out a good news hook to stand out from the crowd.
Ideas to help you create a newsworthy hook:
  1. What are the headlines of the day or month? Does your book's content tie into any of the current issues of the day?
  2. Are there any special holidays or events you can tie your book's content into and create a headline? A forthcoming book on self-love is being released, for example, on Valentine's Day with a headline: LEARN HOW TO FALL IN LOVE WITH THE MOST IMPORTANT PERSON IN YOUR LIFE.
  3. Is there something super unique about your book or even groundbreaking? A new writing style. A unique perspective on the world or topics of the day? Find what makes your book unique and emphasize it.
Now let's breakdown what in journalism we call the "lead". The lead should be brief and answer the following: WHO, WHAT, WHERE, WHEN, WHY.
SACRAMENTO, Calif.-What if all of the speculation about the Great Pyramid of Giza being constructed by otherworldly beings were true. What if the Great Pyramid of Giza and the other pyramids found throughout the world all had been built by aliens as part of a world power grid? What if WE are the aliens, and something very sinister was going on - a conflict so big it involved other beings from other worlds. In fact, not just a conflict in this space and time, but a multidimensional war that spanned thousands of years and existed in layers between time, space, and dreams.
The lead should be direct and to the point. Try and keep it around 50 to 75 words. If you're using a "tickler" like this one then the next paragraph should contain the name of the book and the author. The second paragraph can be a quote from the author about the content being referenced in the lead or a simple summation of the book itself. Here is the second paragraph of this press release:
In the new science fiction tale Children of the Guardiansby DB Stearns, the second book in the Harmonic Wars series, the author takes readers on a fantastic adventure into a multidimensional world where a great intergalactic war is about to break out. In a story spanning different points in time, other worlds, and different dimensions, Stearns paints an incredibly detailed picture of an entirely unique perspective on how the planet Earth is really a colony populated by emigrants from other planets. Then based on that premise, he develops the reason, wars, and conflicts that brought our ancestors to live on this planet.
In the third paragraph, I use a quote from DB Stearns:
"My inspiration for Harmonic Wars was the Great Pyramid of Giza," explained DB Stearns. "I studied it and many other ancient sites that had similar qualities in building materials and techniques. We would have extreme difficulties rebuilding the Great Pyramid today, and most countries could not afford to build to that level of perfection. This research helped me to create my first outlines of the story, and I had envisioned this as a trilogy."
Now your press release should average between four and five paragraphs and be a page or a little longer. Do not make it 2 to 3 pages - that is a no-no. Editors don't have time or attention to sit and read some long explanation of your book. If the editor is interested a page or so will suffice. They just want to know the basics. Once they've said "yes" in their minds then they will read (and the media kit should be attached to the pitch) the entire media kit. If it's still "yes" at that point then they will request sample books.
ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS conclude your press release with where to purchase the book and formats it's available in (print or eBook). This step is as critical as providing contact information.
And NEVER send a book (unless the guidelines say it's okay) without pitching it first. Sending an unsolicited book is very likely a waste of time and money. So, only send books to those editors who request it.
One more note about SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: If the editor or writer provides specific submission guidelines, please follow them. They have guidelines for a reason. Failure to follow directions can result in more wasted time and money.
All right Friend-Os here is the positive quote of the day:
Persist to your goals and you shall win! What your winnings look like and the form they arrive in maybe beyond even your wildest imagination.
Now go IMAGINE some more!

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Excerpt from The Abused - Coming Dec. 2017

So when the day arrived that Kevin pulled up in an Uber car to be dropped off for treatment, no one realized that her ex-husband had become a new patient. Merry stood at the window on the top floor
and pulled back the Venetian blinds to watch Kevin exit the cab to Ms. Fisher’s care. Looking down on her pitiful ex-husband made her feel almost smug. She felt a surge of electrical energy pulse through her body. She couldn’t help but chuckle a little as she watched him trudge in. She wondered if Judge Wilson, who had sentenced Kevin after he got busted in a drug raid with Jude, realized where he had sent Kevin.

“Probably not,” she whispered and laughed aloud.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Abused - Releases December 1, 2017

Three months later Frank had become a complete drug addict. OxyoNtin was but one of his drugs du jour. After enjoying the incredible numbing effect of OxyoNtin, Frank easily moved to heroine after they busted a runner coming up Highway 5 to make a delivery. Frank initially swiped just a little and found he loved the instant high and the sensation of caring about nothing. At first, he thought he could handle it. He would only inject the junk at night or on weekends, but a casual dalliance soon got out of control.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Children of the Guardians: Coming Soon

An epic struggle erupts! The time for revenge draws near. Who will survive as the very fate of humanity is at stake?

Children of the Guardians is an incredible, intergalactic tale about the classic struggle of good vs. evil. Nearly 150 years have passed since Arturo mysteriously murdered two Guardians and stole their Crystal Skulls. The year is now 2027, and the G`Alad has strategically positioned themselves politically and physically to take control of the Earth, but they must first find and destroy the last Pyraportal that protects the peaceful Balsarius.

Meanwhile, Guardian Ana must prepare to fight back against her estranged grandson, Arturo. Ana has fled to keep her new charges from falling to the temptations of the evil-tainted weapons that now control the G`Alad and Arturo. Will Ana have enough time to train this new generation of Guardians, or will Ares and Arturo destroy them before they begin? Can Ana and her charges fight this alone – or will she need help from the great beyond? Will the goodly Balsarius defeat the evil G`Alad? The ancient Holy Warrior, Shihan Marcus Kahn returns from 300 years of stasis to face his past, and once again wage war against Admiral Ares and his massive fleet.

Children of the Guardians is the epic sequel to Guardians of the Crystal Skulls. Continue on this suspenseful adventure to save not only the Universe but the very souls of humanity.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Habits and Attitudes Goes to Cabo

What would you have if you took some of the country’s greatest minds, infused some of the most amazing speakers and placed it in the backdrop of paradise? Habits and Attitudes in Cabo! This five-day four-night trip takes place at one of Cabo’s newest and hottest Resorts, BREATHLESS. Watch the video (click here).