Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Excerpt from The Abused - Coming Dec. 2017

So when the day arrived that Kevin pulled up in an Uber car to be dropped off for treatment, no one realized that her ex-husband had become a new patient. Merry stood at the window on the top floor
and pulled back the Venetian blinds to watch Kevin exit the cab to Ms. Fisher’s care. Looking down on her pitiful ex-husband made her feel almost smug. She felt a surge of electrical energy pulse through her body. She couldn’t help but chuckle a little as she watched him trudge in. She wondered if Judge Wilson, who had sentenced Kevin after he got busted in a drug raid with Jude, realized where he had sent Kevin.

“Probably not,” she whispered and laughed aloud.

Friday, September 29, 2017

The Abused - Releases December 1, 2017

Three months later Frank had become a complete drug addict. OxyoNtin was but one of his drugs du jour. After enjoying the incredible numbing effect of OxyoNtin, Frank easily moved to heroine after they busted a runner coming up Highway 5 to make a delivery. Frank initially swiped just a little and found he loved the instant high and the sensation of caring about nothing. At first, he thought he could handle it. He would only inject the junk at night or on weekends, but a casual dalliance soon got out of control.

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Children of the Guardians: Coming Soon

An epic struggle erupts! The time for revenge draws near. Who will survive as the very fate of humanity is at stake?

Children of the Guardians is an incredible, intergalactic tale about the classic struggle of good vs. evil. Nearly 150 years have passed since Arturo mysteriously murdered two Guardians and stole their Crystal Skulls. The year is now 2027, and the G`Alad has strategically positioned themselves politically and physically to take control of the Earth, but they must first find and destroy the last Pyraportal that protects the peaceful Balsarius.

Meanwhile, Guardian Ana must prepare to fight back against her estranged grandson, Arturo. Ana has fled to keep her new charges from falling to the temptations of the evil-tainted weapons that now control the G`Alad and Arturo. Will Ana have enough time to train this new generation of Guardians, or will Ares and Arturo destroy them before they begin? Can Ana and her charges fight this alone – or will she need help from the great beyond? Will the goodly Balsarius defeat the evil G`Alad? The ancient Holy Warrior, Shihan Marcus Kahn returns from 300 years of stasis to face his past, and once again wage war against Admiral Ares and his massive fleet.

Children of the Guardians is the epic sequel to Guardians of the Crystal Skulls. Continue on this suspenseful adventure to save not only the Universe but the very souls of humanity.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Habits and Attitudes Goes to Cabo

What would you have if you took some of the country’s greatest minds, infused some of the most amazing speakers and placed it in the backdrop of paradise? Habits and Attitudes in Cabo! This five-day four-night trip takes place at one of Cabo’s newest and hottest Resorts, BREATHLESS. Watch the video (click here).

Thursday, August 10, 2017

What Reviewers are Saying About Grains of Truth

Overall, I really liked this book. I am really glad I got the chance to read it. Not many books unnerve me with their words, but this one did. I look forward to reading more of Ferry-Perata’s books in the future. ~ Jessyca Garcia, Reader's Choice

It will tug at your heart strings, and keep pulling you back in. A great read. Wonderfully, beautifully written story. ~ Amy's Bookshelf

This is a beautifully written book about the bounds of friendship ... Great story, great characters and an unbelievable twist at the end. Read this book! ~ Imaskeptic 

Available on Amazon (click here).

Grains of Truth takes readers into the lives of two best friends, Sarah and Zoe. Each woman has experienced heartbreak and betrayal in their quests for love. Their lives center on the happenings at the local feed store where each woman works. The store is managed by the affable and caring, Tom who is the only male heir to the chain owned by patriarch Otis. Otis, a larger-than-life personality, has decided his son’s future – meanwhile, Tom has fallen for the “feed store” girl Sarah, and this creates a huge family scandal.

As the scandal erupts into tragedy, Sarah relies on her best friend Zoe for support and comfort. The women lean on each other, as each face many challenges. Zoe’s own romantic history is checkered by bad relationships and a failed marriage that resulted in her son Derek. She too has fallen for the local town doctor and struggles with the idea of a serious relationship after so much personal heartbreak.

Grains of Truth examines deeper realities about love, friendship and loss. Buried within the subtext are questions about how to get through difficult situations and overcome tragedy. It begs questions about how to manage grief and accept life as it comes. It’s also about receiving and trusting love and also learning to let go.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Power Chord to My Heart

I haven't been blogging much on the personal side of my life. Maybe as I transformed my life for just this once I decided it didn't need to be on public display.

Now that I'm on the other side of the transformation and floating nicely in the current of my life, I'm going to open up. When I share my personal life, it's an endeavor to help enlighten others. If I can give back to the world through the lessons of life experience hopefully you'll either avoid the same pitfalls or nod and laugh, thinking, "Yes!"

Something important happened in the last year. Something quite literally "mind altering". After falling into the depth of depression and suffering some major life changes and losses, I woke up. I looked at my life and I wondered, "How did I get here?" I was broke, heart broken, and depressed.

I had allowed negativity to take over my positive outlook. I had allowed the negative to cloud the positive. I was living in perpetual fear and anger. I had lashed out at the world. The key though: I had lashed out at me. While I blamed others, I put the most blame and anger aimed at my own heart and soul. It was my fault other people had lied to me. It was my fault, period. Why give so much blame away when I could keep it and marinate it?

A few things happened. I hit rock bottom ... or at least hit the furthest part of my bottom I allowed myself to go. I was doing anything and everything to survive. I wasn't trusting others and I most certainly didn't trust myself. After all, I was the culprit in my own pain and self-blame. Why not heap more inward recrimination, right? Wrong!

About that time, it hit me. I had always lived my life following my passion and purpose, which is to be a storyteller and publisher. Now in my despair and desperation, I had lost my way. I knew what was my purpose and passion, but I was floundering in the desperation and fear vs. confidence and fearlessness.

This is when my daughter's middle name "Faith" kept coming up. Where was my faith? Where was my confidence? How was I going to get back on track. FAITH followed by focus on purpose and action to make it happen.

First, I did the scariest thing ever -- I embraced my fearlessness. Yes, it's an oxymoron when you think about it. I had to have the courage and the faith to be brave. I had to KNOW my purpose and follow it regardless of money or unpaid bills. I had to quit looking back and look forward. Then I took ACTION. I put all of my energy toward rebuilding my business and putting myself BACK on the right path. I had to quit jobs that did nothing more than pay a bill and fully believe that following my purpose would indeed MORE than pay bills but reward my life.

Then I had to address the negative self-blame and lack of self-love. I had to quit looking in the mirror and picking on myself. My joke goes like this: An Olympic athlete doesn't look in the mirror and say, "I'm going to lose today."

Instead, I decided to spend my last 15 minutes before I got out of bed meditating and creating my vision for my ideal life. I started using life-affirming mantras all aimed at positive "I am" statements. Then when I faced that mirror in the bathroom, I quit finding negative thoughts about my body or looks. I used positive statements once more using the "I am" in front of it.

Guess what as energy goes and creates, the negative lifted to be replaced with the positive. What seemed difficult just six months earlier now effortlessly happened. A weight lifted. A lightness of being overcame my heart.

And then I made the final step: forgiveness! I had to forgive those who had trespassed against me. Some of my friends and family fought me on that one. I shouldn't forgive anything. But forgiveness isn't for THEM! It's for ME.

And that weight lifted just a little more ... till it became more like a feather. My mind cleared. My energy lightened. My life transformed!

Where are you at in your journey? If it's become dark, just start with the basics. First, find your purpose. It's a good place to start on your road to recovery!

If you want a more specific assist with your journey, here is a link to my book Second Bloom: 10 Steps to Rejuvenate and Realize a New Life. (Buy Here)

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Anatomy of Great Back Cover Copy

Sex, Drugs, Murder!
"As Pete walked into the door's shadows, he paused. He thought he was either walking through the doors of hell or entering the next phase of his life."
Welcome to rehab, a place where addicts come to get clean and sober, or in this case ... die!
The Abused is a psychological thriller about nine addicts whose poisonous drug use has destroyed lives, including their own. One after another, each addict arrives to face their demons. One after another, each addict is getting killed.
The Abused invites readers into the world of rehab where everyone, including the therapists, have issues. What happens when someone's "issues" become murderous? 
Nine go in ... who comes out?
Let's do the anatomy of what I did to create this effective back-cover copy.
Tip 1 - It's a marketing piece not a part of the book and not necessarily a summary. Your no. #1 goal without question is to sell books. The back-cover copy is the SECOND sales tool in your arsenal. Which is the first? The cover, of course.
Tip 2 - Create a PITHY headline! Short, snappy and mind-blowing is a winner. The headline needs to distill in 3-4 words the gist of your book. It shouldn't be a sentence. It shouldn't be longer than 4 words. It should be provocative - something to make people stop and wonder. It can be a fun play on words (mine is). It can be something just mind-blowing and interesting. Whatever it does it should capture the reader's attention. My headline plays off Sex, Drugs and Rock'n'Roll... which in any case many addicts come from that mindset, too.
Tip 3 (optional) - Use a sentence or a brief excerpt from the actual book. I don't always take this approach, but when you find a sentence that conveys the essence of the book and is throught-provoking, then use that trick.
Tip 4: The first paragraph should be a brief 100-150 words summation of the book's story line. It's really hard to distill an entire book down, but you can do it. Remember you only have about 300 words in total for your back cover, so try and keep it short. This paragraph gives you some specifics about the story.
Tip 5: The second paragraph is the "sizzle" description. It should be sexy and tell the reader essentially why the book is the one to buy! Is the book scary, a page-turner, sexy, funny, action-packed, romantic? Then tell your readers those things about it. Don't be afraid you're tooting your own horn. Nobody will read it that way. Again, your only goal is to sell books! So SELL them.
Tip 6: Brief endorsements can go here, too. Make sure they're only a sentence though - you don't have enough room. Even two-word endorsements by a big name will do just fine.