Friday, April 27, 2012

More Friday Morning Musings

It's Friday morning ... I need something new to obsess over with ya-all. Seriously, I haven't been out networking much lately and just hanging with the masses typically gives me plenty of fodder to chew on.  I definitely have an itch to have some serious fun. Maybe it's time to call a girlfriend and go out and paint the town. I mean, I'm living in Marina del Rey after all. I can certainly find something I'm sure to entertain myself with. I hate it, too, when I'm not my cantankerous self. Lately, life has gotten much too serious. I need a big giggle-fest. You can't cage a butterfly for too long! Just saying!! I am also looking into starting a new writer's group down here, but I need to find a consistent venue where they don't charge. The joy of the group is the whole let's just get together and discuss our favorite topics. If you live in Southern California and you have a venue to offer, send me an email at

I did finish the first draft of the pilot for California Girl Chronicles, which is pretty exciting. I've completely neglected Brea's Blog, too. I decided to give Brea a short vacation. Tumblr fans are so intense! Seriously, the amount of obsessing that happens on Tumblr is just insane! I like to think of myself as a level-headed fan. I couldn't get that crazed over a celebrity. I mean, you need to realize these folks have to spend half of their days creating these videos. Who has time? And of course, my biggest, raging fandom is for True Blood, and I still have two more months for that one. I have seen the recent trailer. A few of the clips with my favorite Swede shows him looking a little too much like he did in Season 4 -- messed-up hair and no shirt. Are they going to keep Alexander Skarsgard shirtless the whole season again? Let's hope so! YUM! Yes, bring it on ... shirtless and going at it with hopefully Sookie (at some point). Yes, let's make our hormones rage a little more, too. I have feeling in most of his upcoming films, ASkars keeps his shirt on! Darn it! And he looked decidedly unattractive with a gut in the pictures from Disconnect. I'm pretty sure the other films don't offer shirtless, naked butt shots either! Darn it! Okay, I am so kidding! Can you tell I need to have some fun or what? All work and no play makes Michelle a boring, boring author!

Speaking of "author," you know book two of California Girl Chronicles is just sitting waiting for it's official release. I was thinking summer 2012, but with the delay in the bookstore release, I am re-thinking that one. Anyway Friend-Os, I also decided that something really amazing needs to happen today. I need NEW business! Yes, come ye come all and work with 3L Publishing. We're fast, we're furious, and we're fun! How could you ever doubt that I am fun? Oh yeah ... all about enjoying the fast lane for sure. As for my personal life that I avoid discussing too in-depth around here. I want someone to light a match and burn baby burn! Take that any way you like LOL!!!

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