Sunday, April 1, 2012

Spoiler Alert: Battleship

I figured right from the beginning of the trailers for Battleship that my favorite actor Alexander Skarsgard would not last the entire film. Now other reviewers are suggesting the same thing (click here). Why did I think this? Because the star of the film is consistently in the trailer and there is a scene where they supposedly blew an air cannon right at Skarsgard's face. Since we didn't get to see much of him in the rest of the clips (well, no appearances at all), I just put two and two together, which equals someone kicks off. Now I'm slightly annoyed at this prospect because I am only going to see the film to watch my famous Swede. I mean, Battleship is not really shaping up from the previews to be a film I'm eager to see. Hey, but here is my major complaint. Skarsgard appears in the enticing film Melancholia, and wham! Half the film he isn't in it. Now he's in another big film, and I suspect he isn't in most of it, too. Hey producers out there, we think this actor is amazing! Don't cast him in supporting roles!! Give him some real scenery chewing, fantastic material in the whole movie!! Since he's going to be appearing in the upcoming film What Maisie Knew, The East and Disconnect, let's hope these filmmakers were smart enough to keep his character consistently in the whole project!

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