Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Alexander Skarsgard: Not a Flash in the Pan

So my favorite Swedish delight Alexander Skarsgard has repeatedly acknowledged that he could be unemployed as quickly as he has been employed (see Wet Paint article). He has said this in dozens of interviews in just different quotes and ways to acknowledge what happens in La La Land with the meteoric rise of stars and the often disappointing and unceremonious crash to "planet reality". Now here is what Skarsgard is doing right that will make it much less likely that he will find his career nothing but a crater pit. He has focused more on quality than quantity, having starred in some terrific indie flicks including Melancholia and the okay Straw Dogs.  Outside of the mega popcorn flick Battleship, he returns to smaller and more artistic fare with the release of What Maisie Knew, The East and Disconnect -- all of which sound immensely interesting. I even saw a picture where he padded up in an ugly "gut" suit for Disconnect, which demonstrates his complete lack of vanity when doing serious projects. I'm not entirely sure the ladies will swoon over a beer gut, but he's keeping it real. The average guy doesn't have six-pack abs. I'm mean come on, they can't all have fabulous Viking blood coursing their veins. At the end of the day, these artistic sensibilities and strategic approach to a fickle audience prone to throw out the "star" with the bathwater will give his career nice longevity. So joke all you want Alex, but I think you'll be employed a good long time. And as a fan, I applaud you.

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