Wednesday, December 7, 2011

When Insomnia Strikes ...

I have had insomnia off and on for about five years now. I am fortunate in that when I find myself wide awake at 1:00 a.m. at least I can take solace in the fact I can sleep in and catch up. Of course, this becomes a vicious cycle, and I should probably get back on track and NOT sleep in. For all you insomniacs you know all of the distractions, right? Let's just make fun of them shall we. First, don't get sucked into your Apple TV where you can use You Tube to watch all sorts of inane and inconsequential mind candy. Yes, my brain gets to lick a lollypop as I watch endless interviews with actors and actresses I admire. Does any of that matter? Nope, and this is how I discovered that You Tube is knee-deep in the meaningless mind litter of America. It has also taken celebrity worship to all new pinnacles of mindlessness.

I guess "fans" now produce loads of mind-numbing videos and photo montages of their favorite celebrity-fetish. I say "fetish" because it's all about sexual worship. Many fans assign to their male-fetish all sorts of comments about various levels of hotness! I had no idea that one person's temperature could be of volcanic proportions. I laughed at one particular fan on my favorite MyFutureLover (this channel is dedicated to all things True Blood, the Charlaine Harris books, and the romance of Eric and Sookie) watched a video from Season 4 and proceeded to write a note to my favorite male actor Alexander Skarsgård about his need to wear the correct footwear for his feet. I'm now completely laughing. Mr. Skarsgård is in a shower scene with his co-star and she's lecturing him on his footwear! I am so smiling right now. The last thing most fans were thinking about in that scene was whether he should go out and find a pair of properly sized Hush Puppies!

The other thing that freaked me out, and I'm not famous. How much fan-worship goes on. If I were famous at that level, I think I would really be just bug-eyed over it. I would have to ignore it. Otherwise, I would really either fall over in shock, love what was being said, or just upset about conjectures and comments that have no basis in reality. I had enough of a taste of that when I was a magazine editor and people would write about me as if they knew me. I remember once I got called a communist. I can in all certainty tell you without hesitation, I am not a communist or any of the above. But this person took liberty to write a three page article all about me! And none of it was even remotely true. So, I'm just saying that if fame came at that level, I would completely have to put my Google searches on lockdown ... forever!

And there you go Friend-Os, this is what happens when I have insomnia!

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