Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sitting in the Peppermill Lounge and Laughing About ...

I attended eWomen Reno networking last night. I had a complete blast with my girlfriends not just at the event but afterward when we all retired to the Peppermill lounge to chat and laugh. It got pretty funny, and I'm not going to specifically cite the culprits of this conversation. But after a drink, the mouths ran over. Pretty soon we began to explore the erotic nature of chocolate. As I sat with my partially consumed shot of Patron (yuck! I'm not drinking that anymore) and listened and participated in the "scrumptious" and dare I say decadent discussion of the various naughty ways one could use chocolate, I laughed until my side had a stitch. So I'll give you the highlight reel, which included uproarious explorations of what one could do with a chocolate-covered banana (your minds are going crazy now) or various chocolate dipping products one might imagine for various, how shall we say, erogenous zones.

As the evening progressed, we also discussed my book (two of the ladies have read it). Again, since I didn't ask permission to speak out of turn here, I am not going to say who I shared the evening with, but one gal actually told me she wanted more "raunch" in California Girl Chronicles. More? No, not just longer sex scenes as suggested by the San Francisco Book Review, but more graphic and vulgar material. Okay, I give up. I've now heard it all. One woman told me she was shocked over the "graphic" sex and another is telling me to "raunch it up". I can't win! You all just enjoy Brea, and what I can promise is, "Yes, there is plenty of sex." What I can't promise is whether or not it will satisfy you.

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