Saturday, December 10, 2011

Alexander Skarsgård's Facial Hair: What's Your Vote ... NOT!

In reference to yesterday's pathetic and ridiculous reader poll on Wet Paint where the audience was asked to vote on: Alexander Skarsgård with facial hair or without ... I am alarmed if not awed that Americans will spend this much energy on whether or not a celebrity should shave. This reminds me of the other time when that famous gal (Felicity or something like that) cut her hair, and a three alarm alert sounded about her tresses being too short. The horror that the actress dared to cut her hair was heard round the tabloids. Of course, then we've always had a fixation on celebrity hair (think Farrah or Jennifer Aniston). Really people? Really? This topic right here is what the phrase "who cares" was designed for. If I have nothing more important on my mind than whether or not Alexander Skarsgård should or should not have facial hair then I am a sad, pathetic person without a life. And I suppose that the facial hair discussion might have been just mind candy had it not evolved into a reader poll! Yes, the topic escalated to the point where it needed a "poll" -- you know one of those things we use to, oh say, vote on more important things like elections! But here is the kicker. More American probably know that Alexander Skarsgård grew facial hair than who is their Congressman. Hey, we have our priorities straight around here!

P.S. Alex ... who cares! Enjoy your facial hair!

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