Monday, December 26, 2011

My Favorite Picture of Alexander Skarsgard and My Unpopular Opinion

All right since you all voted with your page views about the blue sweater picture, which was just a picture I posted to make a point, I am going to vote on one of my favorite pictures. I love this one. It's very dark and sinister, and it reminds me of True Blood. I don't think it really even looks like him in his "unvarnished" state, but it's my favorite shot regardless. I love the blue tint to it among many other things. So, there you go -- my personal favorite.

P.S. I know many of you are going to throw tomatoes and other assorted vegetables at me for saying this: but I noticed on Tumblr, fans are clamoring for more current shots of Skarsgard out in public. Again, I can already feel the tomatoes pelting my head, but I am not encouraging more of his private moment shots be taken. The paparazzi are awful! Have you seen them dog celebrities? I personally think it's fantastic when a celebrity consciously sits down for a photo session to get new pictures taken. I think it's another thing altogether when a celebrity is out privately working out, eating breakfast or shopping, and paparazzi are taking random shots. I noticed posts in regards to a recent piece of gossip that someone had seen Skarsgard working out at the LA-based gym Equinox. The reason you probably didn't get to see a new shot of him after his workout at a high-profile gym like Equinox is because they probably don't allow their clientele to be photographed while in the gym. I could be wrong, but I think I'm probably right. So, okay, I'm picking the tomato bits out of my hair. Thank you for respecting my possibly unpopular opinion.


  1. I agree with u its stupid to take pictures of actors private lives.

  2. I don't think it's "stupid," I just think it's invasive and gives these people no space to have private lives without interruption by flashbulbs. I respect people's boundaries and their right to have boundaries. I've seen pictures of Mr. Skarsgard trying to have breakfast with a friend or eat in solitude. I just put myself in his or her shoes, and I know it would become invasive. I wouldn't like it. Like I said, it's one thing to actively sit down and do a photo shoot with the intent to put those pictures out in public. It's another thing entirely to have random photos taken while you try to eat.

  3. Let me preface by saying there is never a bad picture of Alexander. While the infamous blue sweater was very popular, I enjoyed the highly stylized photo above.

    As far as celebrities and the paparazzi, its part of the job. I don't include pictures of the celebs and their kids. That's a big no in my book. But celebrities like Alexander know this is part of the job. Seen and being seen goes with the multi million dollar job.

    So when Alexander or other celebrities are on the red carpet or even out buying groceries they are fair game. Intrusive pictures behind the confines of their yards or in their homes should not be condoned.

    So as much as Alexander might not enjoy the celebrity attention from the paparazzi, he knows its an essential part of getting those parts in upcoming movies. Directors and producers are always looking for the next hot property.

    BTW, Alex is in Sweden so more new photos won't happen until he returns from the Christmas break with his family in Stockholm.

  4. You should tell that to the numerous fan sites going nuts over the fact there are no new pictures of him right now.

    I get and understand the scene. You have a market for it, and that is why I expected rotten vegetables to plunge at my head LOL. I just know that when a celebrity deliberately puts him or herself in the spotlight, it's expected to get those snaps. And you sound like you have actually given yourself some boundaries, but you know that is not always the case.

    I only think that there is a point where it's just not fun to be photographed nonstop. I also know that my opinion isn't going to change anything. I'm just putting it out there for discussion and to think about it. The bottom line is I always put myself in the shoes of others, and I would not like those random shots. I especially would not like the mean spirited ones where they are photographed and then have their fat blown up on the cover of magazines. How awful! And I'm sure you know that happens, but as long as the public has a thirst for it, it will continue.

    You must be a photographer, and I respect your right to earn a living too. Like I said, as long as there is demand, the photos will be snapped. It's that simple. But I like that you avoid the children. I do not and will not post pictures of my children here or on Facebook or anywhere else. My children need to be shielded from unwanted exposure.

    And so it goes. Keep an eye out ... my book California Girl Chronicles is very close to a deal for a TV show ;).