Friday, December 16, 2011

This Wonderful Little Allegory is Brought to You by Nathan Gilbert

I love my Facebook friends! Feeling low and down and out for a number of reasons yesterday, I sought refuge among my "kin," who being loyal and caring "family" immediately rallied to my side. Here is what Nathan Gilbert sent me on Facebook, which I found hysterical. Enjoy! And keep it around if you're ever feeling particularly low one day:

I feel an allegory coming on: When I was a kid I loved to go to the zoo. But every time I went to see the chimpanzees, they would start throwing their turds at me. I was like, "what the hell was that for?" I started to take it really personally. What had *I* done to deserve a poop-hucking from these animals? Then I realized that they did this to everyone, they were really bored, and, frankly, dookie chucking is just what chimps do. After that I ignored it and even kinda felt sorry for their empty lives. Anyway. Internet message boards are like that: all heat and no light. Except instead of heat it's ape crap. Don't let it get you down, is all I'm saying. M'kay?

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