Sunday, December 18, 2011

Immortality and Low Blood Sugar

I haven’t widely shared yet, but I am working on a new book titled We’re All Dead. It’s a parody of the vampire and zombie craze. Here is the preface so you know what it’s about, and then the short excerpt. Remember, it’s a parody even if the preface sounds somewhat serious.
It’s the year 3010 and the great Apocalypse of Death is nearing the end. After 50 years of death, war and destruction, the zombies, vampires and humans are about to take their last stand. At stake – the survival of the human race.
Zombies and vampires have brought the human race to the verge of extinction. Now only a small population of humans have survived, which has created a great famine for vampires. The head of the vampires Colonel Baptista has declared all zombies must be annihilated. His rival necromancer General Doc Wilhelm, though, has a secret weapon – one that is sure to kill all of the remaining humans, and therefore, eliminate the food source of the vampires and destroy their race as well.
And then zombies will rule the world.  
Excerpt from Chapter 2
“Shut up! It’s your job to know these things … brother!” I hissed at him. “We can’t let these putrid zombies kill our food supply. They’ve already infected half the human race. What do you suppose will happen when there are no humans left you walking, talking idiot?”
“But we’re immortal,” he said with a vacant stare.
“We’ll starve and live forever hungry and irritable like I am now! Always! It will be immortality and low blood sugar.”
This is just a fun project we’re doing for a limited release at the Sci-Fi cons. Who knows if it will pick up steam, but we thought it would be fun to take our useless knowledge of vamps and zombies and just have a little fun. 

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