Sunday, December 11, 2011

And Skarsgård's Facial Hair Wins

I always check my statistics on Blogger. I like to know what my readers want to read as opposed to what I assume they want to read. To my chagrin, yesterday's blog about Alexander Skarsgård's facial hair soared up the statistical chart. No! No! No! Really people! Do you have to constantly blow me away with what you want to know or read about? No wonder the tabloids are making a bundle. I have such high aspirations for the reading public's taste. I blog about important topics like books, writing, public relations, business marketing, and I get a luke warm response. Heck! I even blog about Brea's abundant sex life in my book California Girl Chronicles and yet you all would much rather read about Skarsgård's new beard!! I am in awe! I bet I could post a picture of a naked girl -- and this blog about facial hair would still outperform even a naked picture. Well, all right then. For you Skarsgård fans, I get your interest (sort of), but I've even blogged about his performances in Generation Kill, True Blood and Melancholia, and you read those at a mediocre rate. But once again, I blog about his beard and there you go. Facial hair: 10 points. Blogs with meaning: -1

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