Friday, December 9, 2011

Respect Your Fans

Here is what I've noticed -- and what moves me the most about this actor and probably one of the number one reasons I like him so much and have from the beginning (and why combined with his multi-facted acting skills I want him to get involved in my two script projects) is how he behaves in interviews and with fans. Alexander Skarsgård, as many of my readers know, is my favorite vampire on True Blood. Every time I turn around, I read something about how he behaves with fans that I'm so impressed with. I regularly see clips or comments where people say over and over again how nice he is. I read a quick clip yesterday where they cited True Blood season five began shooting and a fan caught him outside his trailer and got him to sign a poster of Straw Dogs. Again, I was impressed with how he went out of his way to sign the poster (in the middle of the night while shooting no less). When you're in a business that must win over the public to succeed treating your fans like pond scum will get you nowhere, and he seems to obviously understand that part. With as many women willing to throw themselves at him (you should see some of the randy comments) and having won Sweden's Sexiest Man Alive contest and made the list in People's Sexiest issue, he could turn into a major ass. Yet he seems to remain humble and even touched by the attention. What can you learn from this? Always treat your fans with respect because they can make or break your career! And don't get so loaded on your own image you turn into a gross parody of yourself. People can perceive this junk about you whether your know it or not. Just look at how Tom Cruise a few years back completely trashed his image with the Oprah couch jumping and a string of interviews and reams of insensitive comments. I have not been a fan since. And Cruise's career hasn't quite been the same.

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