Friday, December 30, 2011

Time for a Funny Rant -- Stupid Guy Tricks

I have no idea other than curiously clicking on this how I got signed up for a Top Face account. Since when did a curious click give you an account on anything I don't know. Now I also don't know how to remove it either ... so there you go: I'm stuck! So since I appear stuck in Top Face hell, I will simply make fun of it and entertain you at the same time. Today's "interested" party sent me this photo, and let me describe it for you: A guy stooped over on his knees, hands clasped behind his neck, and head down in front of what is essentially a wide, open view of the ocean. It's also a black-and-white shot. What about this is sexy or appealing? Beautiful and artistic, yes. (One comment: If I were sitting on a beach of all places I would not be looking down but at the beautiful view.) Can I see a face, no. Does it look full of angst, despair, and dare I say, grief? Yes. Would anyone woman in her sane, right mind date this gentlemen? Um, well, no. That picture while aesthetically pleasing would not even hang in my house as a piece of art it's so depressing. The logic behind some guy using this to date women is so beyond my brain's capacity to produce a thought, I can't even think of anything witty to say about it. Other gems I would like to, err, make fun of include the 16-year-old boy photos. I know that I look "youthful" for my age, but come on! Most 16-year-old boys don't really want to date a woman my age. I got lots of those invites too! I just had a 28-year-old ask for me to respond too. How old am I compared to a 28-year-old? What's the game? Oh yeah, colder, cold, luke warm, no ... cold! Not even close friend-Os. Not even close! Again, since I can't get off this stupid site, I guess I will continue to get a glimpse into online dating, and why I am happily not participating ... EVER!

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