Saturday, December 3, 2011

Let's Have a Meaningless Debate: French Fries or Potato Chips?

In my renewed state of mental clarity (I had insomnia for a week and finally slept 14 hours last night to make up for it), I decided today's topic should be something completely ridiculous, unimportant and senseless. So for my followers, here goes the great debate of meaninglessness: do you prefer French fries or potato chips? For the sake of our absurd and idiotic argument, let's break down the important component of our crunchy friends. French fries are crisp (not crispy), long and lean and if prepared to my preference, loaded with plenty of fat and salt (and I hear McDonald's throws in some sugar just to addict us). Now in comparison, potato chips are flat, thin, crispy and hopefully once more salty. Have I made my preference for salt known yet? Yes, bring on the sodium and don't forget a side of heart attack. Which do I prefer? Well, to this day no one has trumped the McDonald's French fry. Try as they may, I still can't help myself. In-and-Out Burger gives a good effort, but no, McDonald's consistently wins me over every time -- that is, if they're hot, fresh from the fryer. Anything else is, well, (grimace) yuck! Potato chips just don't make the grade. I am rarely tempted by a plain, ole potato chip. In the chip's defense, I have found that the Peppermill in Reno makes a great authentic chip they serve for free in the bar. I'll take that any day over peanuts and pretzels ... and speaking of ... tomorrow debate is peanuts vs. pretzels <wink>.


  1. Obviously, McDonald's has the perfect fries. Everything else is a distant second. Carl's Jr. hash browns are better than their own fries.

    Any reconstituted fries are an atrocity punishable by fine or imprisonment.

    Fat fries are good if you're in the mood. Same with wedgie fries.

    But in the end, all fries must acknowledge the preeminence of McDonald's fries.

  2. Karl -- well said! And agreed! Any dissenters out there ... GO next! ;)