Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Writing ... It's Just Typing

Sometimes all you have is your sense of humor. A fellow writer friend reminded me the other day of the time when our company was hiring a writer and the human resources person said the only necessary skill one needed to be a writer was the ability to type. I believe the quote went something like this, "It's just typing." Well said HR lady! Yup, just typing. I think that line needs to go in my Hall of Infamy. What are some other professions we can reduce to (a-hem) a "fundamental" level. Okay, here we go ...

Fine art ... it's just painting.
Accounting ... it's just adding and subtracting.
Electrician ... it's just a light switch.
Teacher ... it's just babysitting.
Manager ... it's just a job.
Chef ... it's just food.
Publicist ... it's just hype.
Acting ... it's just pretend.

I could go on (and I hope you found that list entertaining). All of these professions require skill and talent albeit different skills and talents, but I imagine that I'm preaching to choir. You should all comment and tell me what your profession "is just."

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