Friday, November 11, 2011

My Dream Cast for California Girl Chronicles

I am in talks with multiple producers and a major agency to represent California Girl Chronicles as a TV series. My first pick is HBO. I LOVE HBO! I came up with my dream cast too. Tell me what you think after you read the book:

Brea -- Evan Rachel Woods
Drew -- Adrien Grenier
Kale -- Alexander Skarsgård
Denise -- Sonja Fisher

Hey! Always state your goals! And we already know from Evan Rachel Woods' short-lived stint as Sophie Anne, Queen of Louisiana in True Blood, that she has hot sex appeal with Skarsgård. Check out Season 2 where she lands on top of him and hisses her warning for him not to reveal she's behind the whole dealing of V. Also, the episode in Season 3 where she flies at him again and grabs his, a-hem, manhood as yet another warning. She is also tall and not blond but that can be changed with a good bottle of bleach. Just saying ... As for Grenier, his Entourage days just ended,  and he's already affiliated with HBO and in a band to boot. He would make a great dark bad boy, which is the opposite of good-guy super star stud Vincent Chase. Skarsgård's commitment with True Blood and flourishing film career might be a little tougher nut to crack, but I'm tenacious. I think the role of Kale, especially as our nice-guy producer becomes more complicated in the subsequent books, would be a fabulous role. I did, in fact, write Kale using him as a model. I watched him not as just an actor but as a regular person in interviews to capture the authentic, warm decency he projects. He comes across with this amiable humility that is nice to see from someone whose star is clearly on the rise. And of course, Sonja Fisher, my radio co-host and producer and actress, who has had her eye on the BFF role from the start. Sonja will sink her teeth into the funny-loving BFF who spends more time in the supply cabinet with her boss than at the apartment with her roommate, Brea. 

Also, I am going to be working with a manager who is affiliated with big money folks to fund my own production company so I can bring something to the table on my own. We are working out that aspect of this deal, and he agreed to represent us just today. 

Read more about the life and times of Brea at: 

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