Wednesday, November 16, 2011

"Are you really a writer?" "No, I'm an elephant."

The difference between being a writer and not being a writer is ... writing. One of the questions that always makes me laugh, "Are you really a writer?" or "What have you written?" I'll address each one in order. Am I really a writer? As opposed to what? An elephant? An accountant? (Ew ... I could never in 10 trillion years be an accountant.) What qualifies me as a writer? I wrote a paper in 6th grade ... all right I'll quit being sarcastic. Hapless and well-meaning folk ask me that question. It's okay, I forgive you. Next time you tell me you're a manager, I'll ask you, "Do you really manage something?" Now I'm messing with you. Yes, I am really a writer, and lions and tigers and bears oh my! I am a publisher too. I once had a gal say to me, "You know a real publishing company." I started looking around and wondering if I was invisible. Then I looked at all of my "fake" books ... hmm ... the Invisible Publishing Company -- that name works too. Now for the question, "What have I written?" Oh no! I've been writing professionally since I was 22-years-old. At the risk of sounding like I need granny panties, that's a whole lot of professional writing to cover. I've written for regional and national magazines, companies internal and external newsletters, white papers galore, screenplays (I had a movie air on Showtime), and now four books including my latest (and first novel) California Girl Chronicles now available for sale on my website and Amazon. I guess I could be a smart ass again and say, "I actually fake it." Actually, I faked the whole thing including this blog. Nope! I don't blog daily! Oh, does that require writing? Who knew.


  1. I could never be an accountant either.

    lol Patti Stanger on Millionaire Matchmaker last night said "Are you paying your bills?" in response to someone saying they were in a particular line of work.

    Your come back can be about how you left the corporate rat race and have not looked back.

    Don't let the silly comments people make get you down. There is often that a disconnect between words and thoughts but they do not really mean you any harm ;>

    I got a lot of flack as a homeschooling mom. The naysayers are always out there. My success blocks me view of them.

  2. Oh none of this gets to me. I think it's funny. I laugh at all the human silliness and foibles. People sometimes just have a bad case of "foot-in-mouth" disease, and it just makes great blog material! ;)