Friday, November 4, 2011

California Girl Chronicles -- The TV Series

I am so excited at the reception that California Girl Chronicles is getting from readers. Just this week in one day 11 reviews posted on Amazon. I've also been working with some contacts in Hollywood to move the book through the process. Two different strategies are underway. We are working with a contact who said if he liked it he would take to his agent at Creative Artists Agency (CAA). I got a text from him the other day in which he confirmed how much he liked it. Then my associate Sonja Fisher is working with another guy who is tied to Lion's Gate. He got 47 pages into the book and sent her a note that it's a real page-turner. The "page-turner" comments have been echoed by the early reviewers on Amazon too. Mind you, the soft-cover edition isn't even in Amazon's inventory yet. Kindle version is available, though. Now we're going to create what is called the TV series Bible. We had our contact send over samples, and I looked it over -- all good and no problem. I'll be getting to work on the pilot episode in the next few days. Keep tabs on this blog if you want to read about the process and how I'm getting it done. Here are three tips:

1. Build your platform. Your platform should consist of a blog, newsletter, website and integrate social media.
2. Leverage your social media and platform. Don't be afraid to be bold. Just put it out there. No one is going to toot your horn for you so do it on your own. All this horn-tooting will build buzz.
3. Buzz builds interest and demand in your product. We'll talk about public relations later.

Speaking of horn tooting ... make sure you buy your copy of California Girl Chronicles. First, you will understand what all of this excitement is about. The book has been lauded as fun, titillating and a page-turner. I promise you will have a good time reading it!

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