Friday, November 11, 2011

California Girl Chronicles: "Now I Know What You Think About ..."

I had a woman last night at event say something to me about California Girl Chronicles that actually was kind of funny when I thought about it. She said, "Now we know what you think about," and then she got flustered that she had made that comment. Later on she apologized, which at that point, I didn't even know what she was talking about. She repeated what she said, and then I laughed. I told her (and this is the truth), "If you're going to write a book that is sexy what do you expect?" She smiled and nodded that I made a great point. I mean come on Friend-Os. Like I'm going to get all sensitive about what the book is about after the fact? I mean surely this might have crossed my mind before I published the book, right? So here is the deal. If you're an author or even an artist and you're publicly putting yourself out there in some personal way, it makes no sense to get all uptight about it later. I expect I will be hearing a slew of comments in the future. It's okay! Just don't get nasty and we're fine. I like when I saw a famous actor get asked about a sex comment on Entertainment Tonight. "Do you still feel that way?" "Yes!" Simple and no fuss. "Do I think about sex all day?" "Depends ... if I'm writing book three or the TV pilot for California Girl Chronicles, could be ..." And other days, no! ;) Am I thinking it about it right now? No, it's 9:00 a.m. Just sayin'.

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