Saturday, November 26, 2011

Read the Instructions, Dummy!

All right between all of these different blogs and social media with no instructions other than intuition, hope and prayer, how are we supposed to know how to use all of these tools? I'm pretty computer savvy, and I've been using technology and software applications long enough to understand the fundamentals. What cracks my skull is how many of these social media sites pop up with no real instructions, and we're all expected to, well, figure it out. Or like they have this boring-ass video that we should sit around and watch for a few hours just to learn how to attract followers. I am a busy girl. I don't have time to sit around and watch videos just to figure out how to get followers. Am I complaining? Yes, I am. I also don't know why sites such as Facebook just can't keep it simple. Every time I turn around, Facebook has "upgraded" -- and all this upgrading is supposed to improve it! Huh, now wait! Why does it just seem harder to use. How exactly is that an improvement? A simple, intuitive interface works fabulous.

Why do we falsely believe that the more complicated something is, the more it's improved? Here's a great example of clean simplicity that works. Look at Google! How has it really changed over the last 10 years? Think about it. That search page has stayed relatively the same with the occasional tweak or "twinge" (new word for upgrade ;). Google continues to work just fine. I need to search, I use Google. Why can't Facebook take a page out the Google lesson plan? I'm not saying an occasional "twinge" doesn't hurt, but "hell to the no" on this complete interface overhaul stuff they recently did. Now I can't even find the website link icon on my personal page. Why did that have to get buried I'm totally baffled. What did I do? Did I accidentally click on something to make it go away? And if that's the case, why can't I figure out how to "unclick" it and make it come back?

And that Friend-Os is my personal rant about technology for the day!

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