Thursday, November 3, 2011

Increase Your Positivity and Increase Your Success

Did you know you are a reflection of the people you keep around you? The "inner circle" (the people you associate with regularly) should reflect back your positive energy. They should be movers and shakers and people who would take action and not play the role of the victim. If you want to be successful align yourself with successful people. If you want to stay positive and keep your energy flowing in the right direction align yourself with people who reflect that same attitude. If you have someone in your life who is critical, negative and full of insecurity and doubt and reflects that back to you then keep that relationship out of your inner circle. I had a good friend the other day tell me her family isn't supportive. Her brother questions and mocks her success. I told her you cannot talk to your brother about these things anymore. He is not your ally. He is a naysayer. You don't want naysayers as allies. Talk about the weather or the day's events but do not talk about your goals and successes with naysayers. Naysayers spread negativity and erode your confidence and cause doubt and insecurity (if you let them). Load your inner circle with supportive, positive and successful people. Notice how your energy will continue to rise. Positivity feeds off positivity and the reverse happens too -- negative feeds negative.

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