Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Does this stuff really work on women?

Guys, guys, guys! I feel a burning need to instruct you on the proper way to try and meet women on social media. First, I am not available (for the record) so don't waste your time trying to get my attention that way. For the rest of you, I just have to tell you something. Are you ready? When you send me strange, sappy or just cheesy pick-up messages, what do you think I'm doing? Here are your choices a. rolling my eyes b. cracking up because your message isn't romantic it's ridiculous or c. writing a blog about it. If you chose all three you would be correct. I ask you! Do you honestly think writing women these creepy and sometimes just cheesy notes works? Maybe I'm wrong, but any woman worth her weight in intelligence would never in a million years fall for that. And any woman who would ... really?

Here are some social media "socializing" tips:

  • If you don't know the woman, do NOT ask for her private information on social media. No, no phone numbers or email addresses. You know what she's really thinking? If I send that information I will be hounded and cyber-stalked. If the woman doesn't know you, don't go there. 
  • Sappy and cheesy pick-up lines to anyone much less a stranger will fall flat. I have to admit, I find it entertaining but that's it. Guys don't tell a complete stranger how much you want to kiss or touch or anything that involves tactile "tactics" ... just saying. And please refrain from the ridiculous pick-up lines ... or not. I need a good laugh.
  • Starting conversations on chat with "hi" doesn't work. Hi is a go-nowhere conversation starter. What good does it do? Talk to your potential love interest like you would any normal conversation. How is your day? How is work going? Better advice ... get to know her by responding to posts and keep it there for a while until you have truly made a connection. (No, don't do this with me ... remember, not available!)

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