Monday, November 7, 2011

Now or Never - Live Your Dreams

The one thing that my brother's passing this year did was get me to stop for a second. He was only 18 months older than me, and now he's gone. I started really getting the sense about mortality and the horizon of my life. It made me re-evaluate a few things. Life's short, and I want regret-free living. I already confronted part one of my reinvention process. I stopped working the corporate assembly line that I hated so much. So this next phase of confronting how much time is left and how do I want to spend that time. I know one thing: I don't want to put my life in cruise control till the end. A friend of mine said her husband had done that -- hit the button and took the foot off the gas. It's just cruise to retirement -- that sounds just depressing. I'm not cruising right into my grave -- no thank you.

It's now or never is how I look at it. Now or never to live out every single dream. You can't keep putting it off. I talk to so many writers who want to write a book or screenplay or even poetry -- and they wax on about all the reasons it hasn't happened. Now or never! What are you waiting for? In the spirit of now or never I wrote my novel California Girl Chronicles. Not only did I do that, but then I sat down and wrote the second book Brea's Big Break, which will come out early next year. Writing about Brea's misadventures took me out of my comfort zone and opened a door into a risque part of my personality. Now or never! Now we've got a lot of interest from producers who want to help us bring Brea's misadventures into living rooms across the country. I'm all in! I will start writing the pilot this week as a part of the Bible.

California Girl Chronicles is now available for Kindle for $7.99 on Amazon. Soft-cover edition releases on Thursday  and both soft and hardcover editions are for sale on the 3L site right now. Go purchase your copy and find out why one producer wrote me a note that said, "Brea needs to learn a little self-control." Yes, she does! Wink!

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