Wednesday, November 23, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes

What a year and it's not quite over! Last year at this time I was struggling to get my former business partner out of the company. The screenplay C-ASS had completely fallen on its "ass" (forgive the pun) after the revelation that our so-called "manager" (and that's a real stretch ... the word "con artist" more aptly applies) was nothing more than a pathological liar. The rest of the year was fraught with so many challenges, but I kept going. I kept working and moving forward. I kept my eyes forward and my attitude positive. Now look where I'm at. Former partner is completely gone and the last of the fallout from her presence has finally been cleaned up. I have a new script Beauty School that has caught the interest of two producers (it has only been given to two producers too), my new book California Girl Chronicles is picking up sales momentum and media interest and just received its first official positive review from the SF Book Review, and now we've got several producers and executives interested in turning it into a TV show. The phrase, "What a difference a day makes" should be restated to what a "difference a year makes." Just about every day something with California Girl Chronicles moves forward either through my own push or just via momentum. Yesterday a Facebook connection asked to interview me about the book, which is the third time someone from the media has come to me and not the other way around. We had a free full page advertisement appear in Hollywood Vine Magazine on page 40. I managed to move 50 copies of California Girl Chronicles at the Miami Book Fair, and I met some terrific new friends. It has been just an incredible shift! When faced with these challenges, the number one piece of advice: believe in yourself, stay positive, take action, and manifest your dreams. Throughout all of the challenges, I just kept my head up, worked hard, did what I needed to fix the wreckage left behind by the former partner, and then refocused on what I wanted! I wrote California Girl Chronicles in two months and followed that endeavor with book two, which will be released next spring. It's all about knowing what you want and going for it. 

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