Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Super Secret Work Behavior

Remember that episode of Sex in the City where the girls admitted to their super secret single behavior? Charlotte studied her skin up close; Miranda let her hands marinate in Vaseline-glazed gloves; and I can't recall what Carrie and Samantha did, but I am sure it was funny. So, as a work-at-home CEO who will never glide into another office building unless it's for a meeting, here are my super secret work behaviors. You telecommuters may appreciate so of them as true for you. You office workers may groan and spit envious words of "just shut it already."

Uniform choices of the day -- my favorite blue bathrobe. Yes, my uniform is a blue bathrobe combined with last night's pajamas. I don't shower or dress until noon. Tis true. What's the point in wasting valuable time getting dressed when I'm not going anywhere? I've heard other telecommuters confess that they don't even shower. I draw the line there. Must feel clean at some point during the day.

Sleeping till 8:30 a.m. and rolling to the computer. I am NOT a morning person. I used to force myself to wake up and head to work by 7:00 a.m. for 20 years. Every single morning I absolutely hated it ... for 20 years. It didn't grow on me. I didn't adjust. I just didn't like it -- can't change biology. I will never be a morning person. So, the gift of sleeping in later is what I gave myself for going independent.

Long lunches -- yes, I love taking long leisurely lunches with my clients and associates. It's the one thing I give myself as a nice luxury. First, I work sometimes seven days a week (and mind you no complaints I love this business). Second, there is a fine line for me between work and fun. I could talk shop until the cows come home, eat the barn, and stampede in the streets. When I'm with clients in particular, I give them 200 percent of my attention. So, long lunches come with the territory, and I love it.

Here are things I don't do: take too much time off to vacation; let my marketing tasks go and forget to write this blog or get my newsletter done for Sundays; shop during the day; watch TV or any sort or You Tube for that matter; surf the Internet out of boredom. If I have a down moment, I am marketing my business or leveraging social media. Just know you have to have give an take. A moment to chat on a patio for two hours has to be made up for in disciplined work. Just don't make it all work and no play, but don't tip the scales to too much play.

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