Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Why Do Americans Get so "Queasy" Over Sex but a Good Head Ripping is OK?

Whenever I get hit with a topic, I like to blog while it's on my mind. Okay, so I have this wonderfully sexy book California Girl Chronicles that is loaded with good, old-fashioned "get it on"! Yep, plenty of sheet time being logged. I noticed this when I shared my booth space at the Miami Book Fair with my new friend Victoria who had a science fiction book and another on zombies. While people flocked to look at morbid pictures of zombies, when I asked a simple question, "Do you like romance books?" You would think, in some cases, I was asking some of the women to strip off their clothes, find the nearest guy, and do it right in front of me. The horrified looks were stunning and priceless.

Some (not all) Americans are so uptight about nudity and sex, while violence is A-okay. Parents will let Johnny watch a good head ripping or a nice gunshot to the head, but goodness no, don't let Johnny see ... a butt cheek! Oh, bad, bad, bad. What is wrong with this picture? Sex and nudity are natural parts of life. Heck, I grew up in a house where my parents were nudists. Who cares?! We all have bodies. And most of us have sex at one time or the other. How do you think we all got here? I would wager, though, that killing your neighbor with one shot to the brain isn't exactly natural. In fact, I would suggest it's as counter contrary to life as sex and nudity are contrary to it. Maybe we need to lose this whole puritan perspective and move on already. It's definitely not helping our teen pregnancy rate much is it? Just saying ... and as for the rest of you who have openly enjoyed California Girl Chronicles, well, good for you. Glad to know some people don't run screaming down the hallways and yelling, "Oh, noooooooooo it's that oversexed book again!"

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