Monday, November 14, 2011

Treat Your Book Just Like Your Brand

Even clients who I have worked with for a long time sometimes don't understand the value of exposure. The question inevitably leads to, "But where are the sales?" Building a brand involves a lot of exposure. Exposure leads to awareness. Awareness leads to recognition. Recognition leads to sales. Have you ever heard someone say, "I know that name?" or "I think I've seen this before." When promoting your book, you build your platform by working on exposure. Did you know it takes at least 3-6 times before it will register with people what is your book? I recently gave away a bunch of California Girl Chronicles book to help gain exposure. I want as many books out in the marketplace as possible. In the beginning, you sometimes have to do the giveaways to spread the book around. My goal is to cement the brand. The sales will come later. If you fixate simply on sales you will prohibit opportunities to gain exposure. The more places and times people see the book, the more likely when the reviews come out they will recognize the book. When they go out and shop at the bookstores, there the book will be again. Exposure! Do you think it's more likely they will pick up a book they've seen and read about? Or will they be inclined to pass it by? Visibility + Exposure = SALES! This blog and social media are a part of that exposure too!

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