Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yes, Alexander Skarsgard is Hot, But Apparently not Alone!

In light of the recent proclamation that Sweden has all of the hot men (and not presumably Australia, which I thought ruled the world in terms of all things hot and male), I decided to check out who other than hot man du jour Alexander Skarsgard (voted five times Sweden's sexiest man) live among the Suedes. In my quick search that took more than one minute, I found the hot Swedish man video to inform, and of course show me why Sweden rules in male hotness. In less than 10 minutes, I felt fully informed, advised and educated! I now must force Australia to concede the crown of the hottest male of the species and turn it over to Sweden. For yes, my fellow females, Sweden does as it so seems have dozens of prime male hotness to choose from. I will, however, stick to my fundamental belief that Mr. Skarsgard's temperature is hottest of all, which of course confirms and supports his ongoing prize as the sexiest one, too. Enjoy the video ;).

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