Tuesday, March 20, 2012

OMG! My Favorite Actor Alexander Skarsgard ... Tsk, Tsk, TACKY!

You all know I have nothing but "fandom" when it comes to my favorite actor Alexander Skarsgard, but this little picture (click here) resulted in him getting the "Tacky" award. First, if you're going to look maybe you ought to not do it while you're on a panel in front of a bizillion cameras! Maybe he didn't really calculate that move very well. Maybe his testosterone just took over his little head first and his big head second. Whatever the case maybe, it was bad form. To make matters worse, notice the comments (all from men) on the page where this is posted. Oh, yeah they're slapping him on the back, "You go boy!" You know maybe that actress doesn't care in the least or maybe she does. Maybe she, too, was ready to have a "Skarsgasm," but I for one would be really unhappy about someone quite obviously leering at me that way in public. I recently had a guy come up while we were doing a book signing, practically sit on top of me and engage me in conversation. I was being polite and entertaining. He got up to get a drink and came back and was now standing in front of the book-signing table (which by the way was right in front of the room where you know ... about 40 people could see) and proceeds to I assume "sneak a peek" down my top. Um, not discreet! Quite obvious! And, again, very tacky. I'm a serious business woman. I was working at that table. It's not like I could escape his advances -- although once one of my other authors arrived, I used the excuse of needing to talk, which I did, to escape his leering clutches. So, let's just say that actress didn't appreciate the gesture shall we. Do you think she could just escape the stage by walking away? Just saying ... and how is your morning?

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