Saturday, March 24, 2012

I Like to Write Hard Core ... Frank, Honest and a Tinge Shocking

Hello all of my loyal followers. It's Saturday morning and I always like to be entertaining on the weekends. So, I'm going to keep it sort of light this morning ... well, sort of light. Anyway, my writer's group Writer's Who Mean Business hosted an erotic writer named Rosalia, who has written innumerable erotic stories for dozens of books and publications. Rosalia was incredibly frank and interesting. While some of the material she held up would have made the typical author blush and perhaps let out a giggle (and this coming from the author of California Girl Chronicles, which is highly charged and erotic), Rosalia let it go with an utter frank, unaffected pride. I marveled as she held up blush-worthy titles and admitted with steady frankness that and I quote, "I like to write hardcore. It's what I like." She didn't even blink! Even if that were the case and I wanted to write hardcore like that, I know for certain a smile would creep across my face along with a laugh or two ... or three. (I know how immature of me.) Is there a lesson here? I suppose if you're going to do something where you go out on a limb in a society full of people who still don't like to admit their sexual beings and continue to debate issues as basic as contraception in the 21st century then you might as well as embrace it. Rosalia certainly embraced it in the most unapologetic way. And although I am not quite as bold, I completely respected it.

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  1. We all have our strengths and interests. We should embrace them. What is wrong with smiling? Smiles are sexy...