Thursday, March 8, 2012

Launching California Girl Chronicles Book Tour in Chicago

I am really excited! Victoria Andrew has done an excellent job in organizing my first stop on the California Girl Chronicles book tour. What should I call it? Hmm ... Brea's Big Book Tour. I like it! All right so among the many events she has arranged, we have a major book signing at Women and Children's First Bookstore, which according to Victoria who also hales from Chicago, is very prestigious. Since I've done nothing more than idle away time in Chicago O'Hare (and I have a very funny story about the time I failed to realize the size of that airport), I have no idea about this bookstore. So, I will go on Victoria's word that it's a big deal that we got accepted. She worked very hard to arrange this book signing.

The main event is, of course, the Romance Times annual convention being held out in Rosemont, April 10-15. We will introduce my beloved Brea Harper to a crowd of new fans. We also signed up to run the book trailer at the convention hotel of choice Hyatt on their inside channel. Stay tuned, the trailer will also be released on You Tube very soon, and I will post a link. It's very sexy! Of course, anything associated with California Girl Chronicles is naturally sexy. Since Chicago is also known for its pubs, we're going to do a literary pub crawl. I have promised to remain sober lest I end up "on the pole" telling stories out of turn LOL. And then we're doing a second book signing at another major bookstore. I will post all of this information for anyone who lives in the Chicago area and would like to come out. And finally I'm suppose to write a poem to participate in a poetry slam ... hmm ... Look for feature stories to appear in the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Reader.

Now do you have your copy of California Girl Chronicles yet? The book has been lauded and praised as a non-conventional, sexy character study. It is slowly gaining enough exposure that one critic's site (Paula) has not yet released her review and two fans were asking her to get it released. Another site, Mary's Cup of Tea had the readers literally fighting over the giveaway copy! I've never seen anything like this happen with our other books. It's quite exciting to watch. You can get your copy on my website at or Amazon. Buy it off the 3L site and it's 30% off and I will sign it! How's that!! And last but not least, I finished the Bible for the TV series pilot. We are very fortunate to have the assistance of a top-notch producer named Jeff Cohen who guided it and provided some great input. Thank you Jeff!

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