Friday, March 23, 2012

A Day Without Blogging? How Could that be? And Relationship Building vs. Networking

Hello my Friend-Os and followers. I know, I know! I missed a blog yesterday. Slap my pajamas, I actually had a break in blogging LOL. Sorry! I was out networking. Yes, the meat and potatoes and foundation for new business -- relationship building and networking. If you're a business owner who is not out working the lines then you're not going to enjoy the kind of rewards I do in terms of new business. I make it my no. #1 priority to network and build relationships at least 3-4 times a month or more. Now if you're asking, "What is relationship building vs. standard networking" then here, let me explain in a quick nutshell.

Relationship networking is exactly what it sounds like. It's not about shaking a hand and pushing a business card. Relationship building is about consistently showing up at networking events. It's about letting people slowly get to know you and understand your brand, product or service. It's at the heart about "making friends". Yes, business is that personal! Women business owners know this more than anyone else. We are all about making, maintaining and supporting each other. And hence when you network this way, you end up with a lot of friends and new clients!

And lastly, my new book trailer is up to 327 views. Have you seen it yet? If you have not viewed the California Girl Chronicles book trailer, go watch the You Tube video and then go buy the book on Amazon, 3L Publishing's website or soon in a bookstore near you.

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