Saturday, March 10, 2012

Great One Liners from True Blood

It's Saturday morning -- and most readers know I don't focus on serious subject matter over the weekends (well, sometimes not during the week either ;). Nothing gets my attention more as a writer than a fantastic piece of dialog. A snappy one-liner in particular just gets me to either laugh or remember it forever. In my work, I constantly strive to write that great, memorable one-line. The reason I adore True Blood (among many reasons) are the classic, memorable one-liners. Here is a list of some of the most unforgettable lines throughout the seasons. If you can write dialog this amazing, well, you're probably a literary super star (hmm ... sort of like Alan Ball and his writing team). 

Pam: Do not tell me you put our entire species at risk for a gash in a sundress?

Arlene: Zombies are the new vampires, didn't you know that?
SookieBill, you were just licking blood out of my head. I don't think it gets much more personal than that."Bill, you were just licking blood out of my head. I don't think it gets much more personal than that.

SookieDon't say UH-OH! Vampires do NOT say UH-OH!

Tara"Nothing says 'I'm sorry' like a tuna cheese casserole.

EricWell, if you're their poster boy, the mainstreaming movement is in deep trouble. Tru-Blood: It'll keep you alive, but it will bore you to DEATH.

PamThere's vampire in your cleavage.

TerryYour hair is like a sunset after a bomb went off! Pretty.

LafayetteDon't get it twisted hunny, I'm a survivor first, a capitalist second, and a whooole bunch-a otha' shit after that, but a hooka' dead last, so if I got even a Jew at an Al Qaeda pep rally shot at gettin' my black-ass outta this mutha' f***a', I'm takin' it; Now whatch' you wanna know?

Eric"They're like humans but miniature. Teacup humans.

Pam"That thing owes me a pair of shoes.

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