Friday, March 16, 2012

Oh Wretched Insomnia! And Soul Lovers in Fiction

Once more up till all hours of the night unable to sleep with my mind going 100 mph. I guess I will have to eliminate all caffeine in the afternoons again. I only had an iced tea, but that was enough to keep my brain working late. Well, not one to wile away a good night with the moon, I got to thinking about classic love affairs in literature and film. The ones we can never forget. Some of the best love affairs are quite chaste. The characters longing for each other, but kept apart by various barriers either self-made or just in the way. Isn't that part of a classic love affair ... the longing and want? If it were blissful without drama, we as the audience would have no vested interest to keep reading or watching as the case may be. Here are some good ones:

Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennett in Pride and Prejudice -- there's was one of misunderstanding and inadvertent offense which kept them separated. I've read the book and seen the multiple films of this classic tale written by Jane Austen. Mr. Darcy is a difficult character to like, but you still root for him none the less.

Karen Blixen and Denys in Out of Africa (film) -- Now I read the book and I read Isak Dineson's biography, and from what I could tell despite what the movie depicts, Karen was actually deeply in love with her husband Bror, but his betrayals ruined the relationship. In the movie version, it centers more on the Karen/Denys relationship, which has a tragic ending that I suppose makes for great drama. I always found Dineson very interesting in general and very complex. The actual book Out of Africa is absolutely nothing like the film, and more of an homage to the country. But in the movie, it was truly hard to figure out why Denys was so willing to let the love of his life go. It was always sad. Ah, great lovers!

Port and Kit in the Sheltering Sky (both book and film) -- Kit and Port's marriage was in disarray when they traveled to North Africa. The difficulties get resolved only for their difficulties and lack of knowledge about where they have traveled cause them tragic consequences. The book and film both had complex themes and messages that made it hard to completely grasp. Either way, I recommend either one to watch what happens to these two.

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