Sunday, March 18, 2012

WonderCon, MegaCon, ComiCon ... Conventions, Conventions Everywhere!

I have heard about the "cons" or conventions. I knew from an episode of Entourage of ComiCon, which was a pretty interesting episode. We had all sorts of "characters" running around down to some hot porn girls and some "toys"! With the release of California Girl Chronicles, my awareness of conventions increased. My right-hand PR and marketing chick Victoria Andrew encouraged me to do the convention circuit to sell books and products. I figured why not? It looks, if nothing else, pretty interesting. So I am traveling to Chicago next month to participate in the Romance Times Book Lovers convention. I am imagining all sorts of fabulous fun with committed romance fans. Now California Girl isn't exactly your typical romance book. In fact, it's more of a fun romp into a single girl's professional and personal escapades. If you have a great book, the conventions offer an opportunity outside of the bookstores to get out in sell your book face to face with your readers. You can move a lot of books -- and the more books you move the more exposure the book gets in general. As you're trying to build a reputation as a fiction writer, you should make it your goal to get as many copies of your book out there as possible. Conventions can provide this opportunity, which is why I am going to includes conventions and festivals in my book tour. And if you're an author, you should, too.

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