Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Movie Review: 50/50

In one of the quietest, little movies of the year that stirs up big emotions, we find ourselves in the world of a Adam, a young man diagnosed with a rare back cancer. I knew I wanted to see this movie, and it came as no surprise it was a great movie since it had been nominated for numerous awards. I was surprised that it wasn't exactly your typical movie about life, death and the big C. It moved with a slow, visceral build with a very intimate look at Adam's reaction and slow meltdown and eruption as he realizes, yeah, hey he could die. The scene where this realization finally hits him is superb. Adam, who doesn't drive for fear he could die (yes, the irony is not lost), decides to grab the wheel when his best friend played by the low-key Seth Rogen gets too drunk to drive. Adam, who at this point has been pretty controlled about the whole thing, finally lets loose on the car and not only drives recklessly but pounds the steering wheel, letting go of loads of pent-up anger and grief. The movie is steady and well constructed as it kind of slowly ratchets up the emotions and asks the important questions about life and death. Adam is quiet and dignified -- the everyman faced with a deadly situation. I love the whole thing. You should definitely see it. It's probably the best movie on cancer since Terms of Endearment, which funny enough gets mentioned in the movie.

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